The Film Room

  • Nike\’s London Commerical
    Find your Greatness… That has to inspire you, no matter what.
  • Soccer Announcers calling Hockey Games
    I might actually watch Hockey if this were the case.. this is good fun check it out!!
  • Nike \”My Time is Now\” Euro 2012 Commerical
    They are all great, but here is the full Nike Commerical.. Check all the stars.. its awesome. Even King James makes an appearance.
  • Alex Tanney
    Trick Shot QB.. Ok Not really trick shots, but just a nice arm.
  • Uncle Drew..
    Pepsi Max and Kryie Irving team up for something pretty funny.. Its a throwback to Grandmama!!
  • Macho Man and Hulk vs Kim Jong Ill…
    Great fun…
  • A Young Lebron
    This is a great clip when Lebron still had a hairline.. Man he was young.
  • IN CAM WE TRUST- High School
    Checking our boy at at every level… High School Highlights
  • Lehigh beat Duke
    A Classic Rap that celebrates one of the biggest upsets in recent memory.
  • C-RO Part 2..
    This one is even better… Classic..
  • Everything you nee
    A great Nike Commerical, one of my personal Favorites.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    Interesting Concept, but I loved Wanted so it might now be bad.
  • #Win From Within
    Great Jordan Gatorade Commerical
  • IN CAM WE TRUST – HS All American Game
    Cam in high school… check out the first pass to Joesph Haden….
  • IN CAM WE TRUST – Blinn College
    Here are all the passes…
  • IN CAM WE TRUST – Blinn College
    Here is Cam at Blinn College… All the Runs Man he has come along way.. check out these highlights
  • RGIII Highlights
    Robert Griffin III highlights.. check um out..
  • Andrew Luck Highlights
    Check out these highlights..
  • Mo Claiborne Highlights
    Checking out the top CB in the draft…
  • C-Ro Diving Tutorial
    I know you could do this with quite a bit of Man U footage, but I know there is great Real Madrid as well.
  • FC Barcelona Divers
    Just so people won\’t say I am bias.. here is Barca\’s team diving shinangans.
  • UTB – Future Sport of the Retards
    Yea that does not mean that Speak Easy is fighting for an expansion team in Charlotte
  • Jabari Parker
    Kids no Bron, but looks like another Melo.. and that ain\’t bad at all..
  • King James in High School
    Putting this up there, because I watch high school clips today, and I am suppose to get excited. But this is what I compare them too.. And just look at his elevation and explosiveness…

Have A great video, let us know..