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    The “Patriots Way”

    November 19th, 2013

    Panthers fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that Charles Johnson isn’t facing a season-ending or career-ending injury, because all early indications pointed to his knee being shredded up by Patriots tackle Marcus Cannon.

    Cannon doesn’t seem to be a bad guy, and can actually be considered an inspiration since he’s fully recovered from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. But Monday Night’s cheap shot was dangerous and uncalled for. Johnson beat him off the edge, and in a last-ditch effort to keep him from reaching the pocket, he swung his leg right to the location where he thought Johnson would be. Perhaps it was just intended to trip Johnson up some. It just so happened to land directly on the outside of Johnson’s right knee, who buckled over and had to be carted off the field.

    A full GIF of the play can be viewed here, courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber:

    Fans, analysts, and players have chimed in, including current Buccaneers Defensive Lineman Gerald McCoy:

    Johnson would later return, and apparently Cannon apologized after the game. I guess all is well in Patriot-land, right? Let’s dig deeper:

    One just has to wonder how this type of play comes about. It seems like the Patriots’ coaching staff might be to blame. A little trick of the trade taught to the O-linemen to help protect their god-amongst-men signal-caller? A similar trick of the trade to the one used by Chris Jones in Week 7 against the Jets?

    If I had to guess, I would say this: “The Patriot Way” instilled by Kraft and Belichick, means to win at all costs even if it’s weaseling around the written rulebook.

    Lest we forget Spygate, which redefined cheating in the NFL. I personally believe it was the PRIMARY driver behind New England’s three Super Bowl wins. A team has a RIDICULOUS advantage when they’re able to see how their opponent is preparing, and what that opponent THINKS the team might run package-wise. I’m sorry, but a $500k fine and a lost draft pick was not enough, Goodell.

    See: “In the face of congressional pressure over destroying evidence from the Spygate scandal, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell defended his actions Friday.”

    It’s happened with Kraft off the field

    It’s happened with Belichick off the field

    “The Patriot Way” is to cheat. That’s it.

    Do you have any more examples or have any thoughts or criticisms of this article? Please comment below. I’d love to here both sides here:

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    Welcome to the First Annual Speak Easy Invitational Fantasy Basketball League

    January 11th, 2012

    Now that Fantasy Football season is over, it’s time to turn our attention to the only other major sport that America takes seriously: basketball.

    Speak-Easy Sports has assembled 10 experts who will be competing in a Fantasy Basketball League this season. 2012 should be a crazy year for basketball since the season is shortened and teams must play four or sometimes five games a week.

    Without further adieu, here were the draft results for our experts league. I will commentate on the best and worst pick of each round:

    Round 1:

    • Cardiac Pack – Kevin Durant
    • The Easy’s Allstars – LeBron James
    • Jimmer Fredette – Chris Paul
    • The Creator’s Bums – Dwayne Wade
    • 5 Pillars – Derrick Rose
    • Remley – Kevin Love
    • Butler – Dwight Howard
    • Kemba’s Cats – Pau Gasol
    • Hess – Dirk Nowitzki
    • Team Postma – Al Jefferson

    The first round is tough because you pretty much get whatever falls to you. Remley might come out ahead here though because Kevin Love was the best fantasy player in all of basketball last season. Dwayne Wade looks like he could have slipped a lot lower than 4th. (Editors note: In my defense, there is a real lack of SGs in the league, while quite a few PF’s that will give you 20 and 10 a night, and Kevin Love rarely gets blocks.)

    Round 2:

    • Team Postma – Russell Westbrook
    • Hess – Deron Williams
    • Kemba’s Cats – LaMarcus Aldridge
    • Butler – Carmelo Anthony
    • Remley – Blake Griffin
    • 5 Pillars – Kobe Bryant
    • The Creator’s Bums – Al Horford
    • Jimmer Fredette – Monta Ellis
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Stephon Curry
    • Cardiac Pack – Amar’e Stoudamire

    Things got interesting the second round. I think the best pick goes to 5 Pillars for picking Kobe when he did. Kobe looks like he’s going to tear things up this season. Worst pick of this round goes to Team Hess picking Deron Williams at 12th overall. Kobe, Carmelo, or pretty much anyone could have been a lot better than a good point guard on the worst team in the league.

    Round 3:

    • Cardiac Pack – David Lee
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Josh Smith
    • Jimmer Fredette – Rudy Gay
    • The Creator’s Bums – Danny Granger
    • 5 Pillars – Zach Randolph
    • Remley – Rajon Rondo
    • Butler – Gerald Wallace
    • Kemba’s Cats – John Wall
    • Hess – Eric Gordon
    • Team Postma – Dorrell Wright

    The worst pick is a tie between 5 Pillars and Kemba’s Cats. Randolph was a monster last year but he is old and constantly viewed as lazy. Plus, he unfortunately just went down for 6-8 weeks with an injury. John Wall is flashy but the team the Wizards have assembled around him is awful. He has a lot of turnovers and Eric Gordon would have been a better pick here. The best pick in Round 3 seems to be Remley’s choice of Rajon Rondo.

    Round 4:

    • Team Postma – Paul Millsap
    • Hess – Serge Ibaka
    • Kemba’s Cats – Nene
    • Butler – Paul Pierce
    • Remley – Chris Bosh
    • 5 Pillars – Elton Brand
    • The Creator’s Bums – Andre Iguodala
    • Jimmer Fredette – Manu Ginobili
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Jrue Holiday
    • Cardiac Pack – Steve Nash

    Best Pick: Steve Nash by the Cardiac Pack. Nash will continue producing at a high level. He probably should have gone in the 3rd round. Worst Pick: Team Hess with Serge Ibaka. Ibaka will block shots and get you rebounds, but you could have waited until Round 5 for him.

    Round 5:

    • Cardiac Pack – Kevin Martin
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Greg Monroe
    • Jimmer Fredette – Kyle Lowry
    • The Creator’s Bums – Joe Johnson
    • 5 Pillars – Kevin Garnett
    • Remley – Raymond Felton
    • Butler – Joakim Noah
    • Kemba’s Cats – Channing Frye
    • Hess – Marcin Gortat
    • Team Postma – David West

    Remley did well here to get Raymond Felton, but the best pick of this round will probably end up being Team Postma with David West. Worst pick ends up being a tie between two Suns, Channing Frye to the Cats and Marcin Gortat to Hess. These guys were drafted on potential alone and so far are definitely not worth these picks.

    Round 6:

    • Team Postma – Luol Deng
    • Hess – Mike Conley
    • Kemba’s Cats – Tyreke Evans
    • Butler – Ray Allen
    • Remley – Danilo Gallinari
    • 5 Pillars – Andray Blatche
    • The Creator’s Bums – Ty Lawson
    • Jimmer Fredette – Marc Gasol
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Chauncey Billups
    • Cardiac Pack – Andrew Bogut

    Best picks this round go to Kemba’s Cats and The Creator’s Bums for Tyreke Evans and Ty Lawson, respectively. Both of these PG’s are primes to light it up and be the focal point of their teams this season. Tough pick for 5 Pillars. He needed size but Gasol is about 5 times better than Blatche. Hopefully Washington picks it up and Blatche becomes relevant. Unfortunately JaVale McGee is rated higher than him.

    Round 7:

    • Cardiac Pack – Kyrie Irving
    • The Easy’s Allstars – James Harden
    • Jimmer Fredette – JaVale McGee
    • The Creator’s Bums – DeAndre Jordan
    • 5 Pillars – Lamar Odom
    • Remley – Tony Parker
    • Butler – Jason Richardson
    • Kemba’s Cats – Wesley Matthews
    • Hess – Carlos Boozer
    • Team Postma – Jason Kidd

    Worst pick here goes to Butler for Jason Richardson, who might produce mediocre numbers when healthy. Best pick looks to be The Creator’s Bums, who gets Blocks with DeAndre Jordan, and probably some offense too now that CP3 is a LAC.

    Round 8:

    • Team Postma – Marcus Thornton
    • Hess – Tim Duncan
    • Kemba’s Cats – DeMar DeRozan
    • Butler – Andrea Bargani
    • Remley – Luis Scola
    • 5 Pillars – Aaron Afflalo
    • The Creator’s Bums – Boris Diaw
    • Jimmer Fredette – Nicolas Batum
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Roy Hibbert
    • Cardiac Pack – Andrew Bynum

    Early indications are that Andrew Bynum is about to dominate for the Lakers. Good call by Cardiac Pack to snag him here. Tough to pick anyone out here, but Duncan is just about done and Afflalo can’t do anything but shoot and even then he isn’t that great.

    Round 9:

    • Cardiac Pack – Darren Collison
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Stephen Jackson
    • Jimmer Fredette – Antawn Jamison
    • The Creator’s Bums – DeMarcus Cousins
    • 5 Pillars – Caron Butler
    • Remley – Michael Beasley
    • Butler – Jarrett Jack
    • Kemba’s Cats – Tony Allen
    • Hess – Nick Young
    • Team Postma – Jason Terry

    All of these picks are reaches but Team Postma brings in the safest pick with Jason Terry. Most risky pick goes to The Creator’s Bums for DeMarcus Cousins. Until he gets traded, expect a lot of inconsistency from Cousins.

    Round 10:

    • Team Postma – Hedo Turkoglu
    • Hess – Chuck Hayes
    • Kemba’s Cats – CJ Miles
    • Butler – Carlos Delfino
    • Remley – Rodney Stuckey
    • 5 Pillars – Jeff Teague
    • The Creator’s Bums – Toney Douglas
    • Jimmer Fredette – Kris Humphries
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Thaddeus Young
    • Cardiac Pack – Brandon Jennings

    Best pick by far goes to Cardiac Pack here for Jennings. This guy is nasty and I can’t believe he fell this far. Worst pick in potentially the history of mankind goes to Jimmer for Kris Humphries. Are you serious…

    Round 11:

    • Cardiac Pack – Tyson Chandler
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Anthony Morrow
    • Jimmer Fredette – Devin Harris
    • The Creator’s Bums – Derrick Williams
    • 5 Pillars – Tyrus Thomas
    • Remley – Chase Budinger
    • Butler – Anderson Verajao
    • Kemba’s Cats – Ryan Anderson
    • Hess – Andrei Kirilenko
    • Team Postma – Emeka Okafor

    Shout out to The Easy’s Allstars for selecting Charlotte-native Anthony Morrow. However, the best pick by far out of this round has to be Ryan Anderson by Kemba’s Cats. It’s completely inexplicable how Anderson is doing it, but as of now he is a top 10 fantasy player. Worst pick looks to be Tyrus Thomas by 5 Pillars.

    Round 12:

    • Team Postma – DJ Augustin
    • Hess – Corey Maggette
    • Kemba’s Cats – Paul George
    • Butler – Jared Dudley
    • Remley – Ben Gordon
    • 5 Pillars – Jimmer Fredette
    • The Creator’s Bums – Kemba Walker
    • Jimmer Fredette – Jose Calderon
    • The Easy’s Allstars – JJ Hickson
    • Cardiac Pack – Charlie Villanueva

    Best pick here is the up-and-coming DJ Augustin. Worst pick belongs to Kemba’s Cats and Paul George or Hess and Corey Maggette.

    Round 13:

    • Cardiac Pack – Ricky Rubio
    • The Easy’s Allstars – Derrick Favors
    • Jimmer Fredette – Jameer Nelson
    • The Creator’s Bums – OJ Mayo
    • 5 Pillars – Shannon Brown
    • Remley – Brook Lopez
    • Butler – Trevor Ariza
    • Kemba’s Cats – Ed Davis
    • Hess – Amir Johnson
    • Team Postma – Jodie Meeks

    Since this is the final round, there can’t really be any terribly bad picks. Shout out’s to Remley for getting Lopez, Cardiac Pack for getting Rubio, The Easy’s Allstars for selecting Favors, and Jimmer Fredette for grabbing Jameer Nelson. OJ Mayo may actually produce this year too.

    Best of luck to all the participants in this year’s experts’ league. May the trash talking begin.

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    “All the Colt’s Men”

    December 3rd, 2011

    How the plan was laid for Andrew Luck to end up in Indianapolis.

    I’m not sure if this is common knowledge but it’s apparent the Colts are taking all the necessary steps to guarantee they mirror the Favre/Rodgers mentor/protege model the Packers have dominated with:

    In 2010, Peyton Manning led the NFL with 450 passing attempts, was second in the league with 4,700 yards and was also second in the league with 33 touchdowns. Though he is considered one of the older QB’s in the game, he didn’t miss a beat last year. He showed no signs of relenting due to any kind of injury, despite some early season speculation.

    In early 2011, news began breaking that Manning had a very serious procedure performed to remedy a very serious nerve ailment in his neck. There has been speculation that this injury could put Manning’s career in jeopardy, because if he gets hit in the neck in just the right way, it could potentially end it for him. Could someone please prove that this is such a serious injury? How did it happen? Wouldn’t a quarterback’s life in the offseason be one of the most cushy lives one could lead? Even the Colts’ fan blogs were baffled, primarily because Irsay sounded so shaky describing when it happened.

    As the season begins, the heir-apparent Quarterback is the back-up Curtis Painter. Colts players, who hope the team will be competitive in 2011, make it public knowledge that they’d prefer to stick with Painter to get some wins because Painter knows the system and has chemistry with the WR’s.

    On September 28, the Colts signed QB Dan Orlovsky, who last played in 2008. Peculiar thing about Orlovsky is that he played in 10 games that year for the winless Detroit Lions, the only team in NFL history to not win a game. Perhaps Irsay was hoping for a QB who had the on-the-field goods to guarantee the number 1 pick?

    Despite their requests, team owner Jim Irsay tweets to Colts fans on Aug 20, asking them who they would want as a veteran QB to lead them this season. This is a joke. This is why professional sports teams spend big money on scouts. Soon after this, the Colts sign the then-retired Kerry Collins. Reggie Wayne publicly calls this move dumb because Collins has such little time to learn the system.

    Even though Manning has such a serious injury, the Colts don’t put Manning on the injured reserve. They want him to continue practicing and being involved with the team on game days. What’s a 53rd roster spot worth anyhow? This is fine with Peyton because he would love to have Luck as an understudy over the last couple of years of his career. Also, with Manning being such a smart and articulate QB, you know he wants to go into coaching after his playing days are over. Notice he has spent time in the offensive coordinator’s booth, in addition to helping call the plays to Collins and Painter.

    On September 2nd, the Colts signed Jim Tressel to be on their coaching staff. This is an absurd move but if you dig deeper it makes sense: this is surely the last season for Head Coach Jim Caldwell and Tressel would be the perfect coach to groom Luck into the NFL lifestyle. He may not fill the head coaching vacancy but he’s going to be an asset on the staff.

    Now that Orlovsky has taken the reigns at QB, expect the Colts to continue losing games this season, until they are mathematically guaranteed to have the number 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

    The ultimate summary and a glimmer of hope:

    Irsay has had all his chips in the Andrew Luck basket for a long, long time. He hasn’t given two squats about the team’s performance this season and it’s visible if you look at his tweet history. He says ridiculous things and is more concerned with fan trivia contests than actually speaking about how his team can win more games.

    I can only hope that somehow Irsay shoots himself in the foot. He is driving his players’ and coaches’ future contract values way down by letting them be a part of such a terrible squad. The Colts have the fewest number of offensive first downs in the league and the highest number of offensive turnovers in the league. Thanks to that miserable offense, it’s no surprise that the Colts have given up the most points this season (29.7 to the Panthers’ 27.7 through 11 games). However, instead of firing his Offensive Coordinator, Irsay just fired his Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer, who has done a very respectable job for the Steelers, Broncos and Colts in the past. Irsay has it all wrong. Bill Polian seems comfortable with it.

    Right now, Luck is almost guaranteed to go to the Colts. We can only hope for a couple of scenarios to play out. Scenario 1) Luck sticks to his promise and graduates with a degree in Architecture at Stanford. Surely that program must take 4 years to complete. If Luck returns for his senior season, the Colts would be forced to wait another terrible year. Scenario 2) The Colts players and coaching staff have been rubbed the wrong way by Irsay and they rise up like the Cleveland Indians in the 1989 movie Major League. There is still time left for them to go 5-11 or 4-12!!!

    (Yes, the heading is suppose to be a tribute to “All the President’s Men”)

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    “Don’t be a Fantasy Turkey this Season”

    November 26th, 2011

    Gee, Fred Jackson, we appreciate your fibula’s impeccable timing. Oh well, at least we can be thankful for the first two and a half months…

    Things are beginning to get crazy in the NFL right now. Injuries are taking their toll. Teams in the cellar are giving youngsters more looks on the field. Veterans are playing to ensure they’ll be around next season. And oh yeah, the playoffs are about here. Let me filter through the nonsense and offer some suggestions:


    ^ BUY – Kyle Orton – If you need QB help, go ahead and grab Orton. This scenario will be similar to Carson Palmer in Oakland. Give Orton another week or two to get accustomed to Todd Haley’s system and then reap the rewards. Week 13 against the Bears, Week 16 against the Raiders, and Week 17 against the Broncos all bode well for Orton’s potential.

    ^ BUY – Matt Moore – We all know Moore was not in the right place or time with Fox, but he did show signs of success. Miami reminds me of the Tennessee Titans of 2009 where they started the season 0-6 and then got hot. Moore has weapons around him and if you use him wisely he should produce.

    v SELL – Tim Tebow – I have been preaching this and will continue to preach this. This is not Tebow’s season. I respect the guy but if you have him on your fantasy roster then trade him to someone if you can. You may find someone in your league who thinks Tebow will be worthy of starting for the remainder of the season. Get rid of him and pick up help where you might need it.

    v SELL – Mike Vick – Vick may be coming back from injury soon, but the Eagles are about to be officially eliminated from playoff contention and they are not going to risk another injury to the face of their franchise. Unload him now before you are scraping the waiver wire for the Blaine Gabberts of the world.


    ^ BUY – Maurice Morris – If you’re in a PPR league, this is a must. Everyone else in the Lions’ backfield if banged up. Depending on the severity of the Kevin Smith injury, Morris will become a must-start or at least a decently strong start. Jahvid Best will grab some looks too, but he’s uber fragile. Ride Morris on the Lion’s first playoff run in recent memory and you’ll be thanking me later.

    ^ BUY – Ryan Mathews – Mathews has underwhelmed of late, but he will be the solution the Chargers will need this season. Expect Norv Turner to run the ball more and open up throwing lanes to solve P-Riv’s throwing woes. Mathews will be getting a ton of looks moving forward/

    ^ STRONG BUY – Toby Gerhart – The Stanford star is going to get a lot of work with AP’s injury. Gerhart plays hard through the plays that others might take off. Just like Vick in Philly, the Vikings are going to spell Peterson more often than not. Gerhart and Ponder make an interesting combo. Are they this year’s Colt McCoy/Peyton Hillis?

    v SELL – Steven Jackson – I have been calling for a S-Jax injury all season. He’s a risky bet to rely this late in the season. If you keep him, good luck.

    v SELL – Maurice Jones-Drew – (see Steven Jackson, above)

    v SELL – Benjarvus Green-Ellis – The Law Firm got 20 looks in Week 11. Great. Bill Belichick is going to continue spreading the ball around and unfortunately this team’s running game is too unpredictable to depend on. Don’t get stuck in the playoffs with Green-Ellis as a primary back or you’ll get burnt.


    v SELL – Calvin Johnson – I have mentioned this one before but I want to reiterate it for you. Megatron has cooled off some but is still the best WR on the market. Trade him and a mediocre running back for a solid WR and a stud RB. Your team will get better.

    ^ BUY – Roddy White – Now may be your last chance to get White cheap. The Falcons are beginning to look the part of last years’ team. White is their best offensive talent and will finsh out this year strong.

    v SELL – Jordy Nelson – The Packers may go undefeated this season, but with Jennings, Finley, Jones, Driver and Randall Cobb, the offense is clogged. As the weather turns nasty at Lambeau, expect more Starks and Grant too. Nelson should begin to cool off.


    <> HOLD – Greg Olsen – The Panthers have sputtered on offense lately. However, if you have Olsen on your roster then you’ll be rewarded by holding onto him. He was the key to the Panthers’ first half offensive explosion and Rod Chudzinski will get him more into the mix as we hit the homestretch.

    ^ BUY – Kevin Boss – The Raiders WR’s are really banged up, which has opened up the door for Denarius Moore to step in and be effective. Boss hasn’t done much this season, but he grabbed two balls in Week 10 and five in Week 11. He should continue to be solid moving forward.

    Wondering if you should BUY, HOLD, or SELL players? Tweet at me @FntsyFtbll

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    SESPSE: A Look back..

    November 13th, 2011

    There hasn’t been a whole lot of activity this week. A couple of guys are returning from injury but they really shouldn’t play too much of a factor this week or moving forward.

    Since there hasn’t been much news or changes, I’m going to review the good (and the bad) calls that I’ve made over the last three weeks. Hopefully you’ll look at the good predictions I’ve made as confirmation that you should apply them to your fantasy squad. These don’t necessarily have to apply to Week 10, but should help you as your fantasy regular season wraps up and you gear up for the playoffs:


    v SELL – Christian Ponder – I mentioned that Ponder was untouchable. While that may not completely be the case, he still won’t win you many games and probably shouldn’t be on your fantasy roster.

    ^ BUY – Carson Palmer – As I predicted, Palmer is now starting to look like a hot commodity. He was rusty the first couple of games, but now he’s going to shred up these AFC West defenses. Add whenever you can. He might be top 10 going forward.

    v SELL – Tim Tebow – Like Christian Ponder, I also mentioned that Tim Tebow was untouchable. He might get a rushing touchdown every now and then, but I still hold firm in saying that he’s not going to keep up his 6-1 touchdown ratio. Trade him to someone who is willing to overpay and stick with a quarterback who will get you 15 points continually.

    ^ BUY – Sam Bradford – If he is available in your league and you don’t have Rodgers, Newton, Brady, or Brees then you should go ahead and grab Bradford. He has all the tools around him to succeed and he’s finally 100% healthy.

    ^ STRONG BUY – Philip Rivers – Even if the Chargers aren’t winning games, P-Riv is putting up fantasy numbers. If someone in your league owns him, throw in a low-ball offer and see what happens. You may just snag yourself a fantasy championship.


    ^ BUY – Peyton Hillis – Hillis will be at his very cheapest right now. Go ahead and grab him if you can. Ogbonnaya isn’t doing much while Hillis is out, so the Browns are going to plug Peyton back in as soon as he’s healthy. He’ll be ready to go when your team is in the fantasy playoffs.

    v SELL – Steven Jackson – It actually appears that Jackson is healthy at this point. A few articles ago I suggested that Cadillac Williams would be a suitable replacement. I don’t trust Jackson to stay healthy the rest of the year, but if and when he does get banged up I don’t think Williams will be the answer either.

    v SELL – Frank Gore – Gore may be the best running back on your squad, but you would be ridiculous to not grab Kendall Hunter. Gore just sprained his ankle and is insanely injury prone. Hunter has been getting a lot of looks this year and he actually has a better YPC than Gore.


    ^ BUY – Laurent Robinson – With Miles Austin’s ups and downs this season, Robinson might actually be the most productive receiver on this Cowboys’ team moving forward. Defenses are going to focus on Dez Bryant and Jason Witten over the next few weeks. I told you to pick up Robinson a couple of weeks ago but if he is still available then go ahead and scoop him now.

    v SELL – Saints Receivers – Whether it’s Colston, Meacham, Moore, or Henderson, Drew Brees simply spreads the ball out far too often to rely on one of these guys. Throw in Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, Jimmy Graham, and a now healthy Mark Ingram… good luck trying to rely on any one Saints position player moving forward.


    v SELL – Jimmy Graham – I am still selling Graham right now. This is a very deep fantasy TE year and I can guarantee you that someone will be willing to overpay for him in a trade. You may lose a couple of points per week at the TE position, but it is very worth it if you can pick up an elite RB or WR.

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    SESPSE* — Week 9

    November 4th, 2011

    (*Speak Easy Sports Player Stock Exchange, provided by the Dude of All Fantasy Knowledge) 

    Last week we discussed how NFL players have expected production predictability similar to that of the stock market.

    Each week I give you a list of players to consider as either BUY, HOLD, or SELL. I give you my reasons behind the forecast and hold myself accountable to the results… all in the hope of delivering the most reliable fantasy advice on the internet.

    If you have any questions, tweet at me @FntsyFtbll

    For Week 9 and beyond, let’s consider the following:


    vv STRONG SELL – Tim Tebow – Did you take my advice last week? Tebow has been the most over-hyped player since JaMarcus Russell. John Fox has a short leash for mediocre quarterbacks. Tebow struggled for 55 minutes against one of the worst pass defenses in the league (Miami) and then put up a goose egg vs Detroit. If you have a devout Christian or University of Florida fan in your fantasy league, trade Tebow to that person immediately and get what you can. If Tebow is on waivers, don’t touch him.

    ^ BUY – Sam Bradford – I explained my theory on Bradford a couple of weeks ago. If McDaniels let A.J. Feeley throw 37 times against the Saints, Bradford should have a great 2nd Half of the season. His injury isn’t serious and Brandon Lloyd is a huge pick up for this team. He won’t be elite, but he is primed for a turnaround immediately.

    ^ BUY – Carson Palmer – Palmer is going to put up a good showing this week against Denver, and this is going to be the last week where you can get him cheap. Once Darren McFadden is 100% healthy, someone else is going to be really happy they grabbed Palmer if you don’t.


    ^ BUY – Chris Johnson – This guy isn’t elite right now, but he’s not this bad either. Whoever drafted CJ2K might be willing to deal at a discounted price right now. Send a lowball offer and see what happens. If you own Chris Johnson, I would keep starting him for the time being.

    ^^ STRONG BUY – Peyton Hillis – I’ve seen a few leagues where Hillis owners have waived him. I think this is dumb because his lack of production so far is due to odd injuries, none of which have been serious. Pick him up as soon as you can. Hardesty is hurt and Hillis has to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke. If you are in a PPR league, Hillis will be crucial.

    v SELL – Steven Jackson – Jackson beasted the Saints in Week 8. It’s performances like that one that keep us drafting him so highly. If you own S-Jax, he might produce for another week or two but here is your warning…. he’s probably going to get hurt again.

    <> HOLD – Ben Tate – This is directed to those teams who look like they’re definitely making the fantasy playoffs. Now that Foster is entrenched as a 30 touch per game player, Tate will be inconsistent and essentially unplayable. However, the Texans look like they are going to win the AFC South by a wide margin. Houston will rest Foster toward the end of the season, which means more looks for Tate. If you’re on track for the playoffs, stash Tate on your bench. If you are in the bottom half of your league, it probably makes sense to find someone with more regular season upside.

    ^ BUY – Dexter McCluster – I picked up McCluster in all of my leagues very early this year. Unfortunately the Chiefs are only now starting to use him more. McCluster is the fastest player in the NFL and if your league allows you to play him as a Wide Receiver then he is twice as valuable. Plus, Jackie Battle isn’t anything special. The fans will start calling for Haley to use McCluster more.


    v SELL – Calvin Johnson – Wait what?? Yes – I am selling Calvin right now. 1) His stock cannot be higher than it is right now and 2) Detroit is decent but Stafford is already showing signs of getting banged up and slowing down. Trade Calvin and a mediocre running back for another top receiver and a top running back if you can.

    ^ BUY – Laurent Robinson – The Cowboys schedule over the next 5 games is incredibly weak. If your Wide Receiver corps are weak, grab Robinson while you can. Cowboys still have potent offense and Robinson has forced his way into the conversation with Dez and Miles Austin.

    ^^ STRONG BUY – Roddy White – This may seem obvious given White’s last couple of years. However, he has been a bit down through the first half of the season. There may be some owners out there who might be willing to give up White at discount. Propose a trade and see if you can get him before he catches fire down the stretch.


    ^^ STRONG BUY – Heath Miller – Pittsburgh’s deep threat is Mike Wallace. Their short to medium threat is now Miller. Roethlistberger and Miller have strong chemistry and as the weather turns nasty the Steelers will go to short dump-offs more and more.

    ^ BUY – Brent Celek – The Eagles are for real. Celek is primed for a great second half… You can expect as many points out of Celek moving forward as just about any other TE in the league.

    v SELL – Jimmy Graham – I explained this one last week, but you all probably thought I was crazy. Then he put up only 39 yards on 4 receptions! His stock is still high enough to command a solid trade. I recommend you trade Graham and a mediocre RB for an elite RB if you can. Pick a team in your league where they have a weak TE and they’ll salivate over the deal. Off waivers, you can pick up Celek, Winslow, and a new solid TE – Jake Ballard of the Giants.

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    Buying or Selling… Player’s Stocks

    October 29th, 2011

    Week 8 is already here. We’re officially half-way through the NFL season. The first two months flew by and before you know it we’ll be gearing up for the playoffs. Is your fantasy squad where you want it to be? If it is, then congrats on getting lucky during the most unpredictable season in recent history. If not, I’m here to help.

    Fantasy experts are now starting to echo what I’ve been preaching the past couple of weeks: prepare for injuries. So far I’ve told you to invest in Knowshon Moreno, DeMarco Murray, Michael Bush (will pay off this week and down the road) and if you had Matthew Stafford, I told you to get a new QB. You’re welcome…

    What I’m going to start doing is giving you recommendations as if they are stock picks. Since every league is different (keeper, 10-12-14 team, PPR, etc..), it’s tough to appeal to the masses with every single suggestion. With this new way, I can avoid the obvious fantasy starters and go straight to the names with potential activity ahead of them, whether positive or negative. You’ll be able to have sleepers listed at your fingertips, which should translate to fantasy success. 
    Here is how the system works:

     Player worth trading for or picking up immediately regardless of your current roster situation.
    ^ BUY
     If you get the right offer, then trade for this player. If you have a roster spot available and he is on waivers, snag him.
    <> HOLD
     Stick with this player even if he’s currently underproducing. Deal for this guy if you can find a suitor, but don’t overpay
    v SELL
    Doesn’t mean you should immediately drop this guy, but it does mean start scouting other HOLD or BUY players. Trade for a better option if you can
     With the NFL becoming such an offensive-biased league, this tag will be rare. Do not start a player who is a STRONG SELL

    My goal with this format is to give you quality fantasy picks while being able to hold myself accountable week-to-week. If you disagree with me or have advice that I’m overlooking, Tweet at me @FntsyFtbll


    v SELL – Tim Tebow – As I mentioned in the last article, Tebow does not have what it takes to be your fantasy quarterback. If you did pick him up, trade him to someone who needs a QB.

    ^ BUY – Carson Palmer – After Week 7, Palmer should come cheap. Oakland has a nasty offense and they are going to make him successful this year no matter what. Lots of necks on the line with all the draft picks they gave up.

    ^ BUY – Matt Ryan – Look at the Falcons first half schedule and you’ll find they actually played well. 7 of their final 9 games are in domes and Julio Jones will get healthy.

    v HOLD – Ryan Fitzpatrick – A funny thing happens when players “finally” get paid (see CJ2K). However, 2 games against the Jets are the only tough match-ups he has from here on out.

    ^^ STRONG BUY – Philip Rivers – If some idiot decides to trade him, you need to be the one to snag him. The Chargers are 4-2, and are in such an easy division. The Jets game made him look awful, but his receivers were mostly to blame. Buy Buy Buy.


    v SELL – DeMarco Murray – Trade him while you can. Felix will be back in the mix and the Cowboys will start airing it out more. If you snagged him earlier, congrats. This is a situation where you bought low. Now Sell high.

    ^ BUY – Roy Hely – Most people will run out and grab Torain first. Helu is more explosive and will have a few games this year that will make you wish you grabbed him.

    ^^ STRONG BUY – Jonathan Stewart – I drafted him in my keeper league and will certainly be holding on to him for next year. Stewart is better suited for the Cam Newton offense. DeAngelo is the starter, but he can’t last in this system because he has trouble between the tackles. Stewart is the red zone back, and catches the ball more. If you’re in a PPR league, J-Stew might just take you all the way this year.

    ^ BUY – Brandon Jacobs – After saying he wants out of NY, Coughlin will put him in the dog house. However, when he does get in, Jacobs will now start playing with a chip on his shoulder to get that next fatty contract. Plus, Bradshaw is injury prone and the Giants want to make the playoffs. Jacobs will get in. Buy low right now.

    ^ BUY – Peyton Hillis – It’s about that time where owners will start giving up on him. Grab him immediately and reap the rewards. His hammy will get better and he makes the Browns offense go.

    v SELL – Frank Gore – All the 49ers do is run the ball. Great now, bad later. Gore is going to get banged up. At the very least, make sure you have Hunter to back him up.


    ^ BUY – Reggie Wayne – If he’s not already on waivers then put in a lowball offer and see what happens. Garcon won’t remain this hot, and out of respect for Wayne the Colts are going to make sure he gets his.

    ^ BUY – Emmanuel Sanders – This kid is nasty. Thanks to the preseason, some people think Antonio Brown is the next best option behind Wallace. See what happens this week and thank me later.

    v SELL – Plaxico Burress – The Jets still have a horrible offense and still have Santonio Holmes. Right after his 3 TD game is the best time to trade Plax. He is too inconsistent to depend on weekly.

    ^ BUY – Darrius Heyward-Bey – First half was not a fluke. Palmer will only make him better.

    ^ BUY – Chad Ochocinco – This is a reach but he is talented. Now that he’s learned the playbook Brady won’t ignore him.


    v SELL – Jimmy Graham – Graham will probably end up top 3 in the league in fantasy points. So why am I selling? If you have Graham, take a look at the other available TE options in your league’s waiver wire. This year there are just too many good options for you to NOT trade Graham to someone who will overpay for him. If you can get Miles Austin or Hakeem Nicks then it’s a no brainer. Pick up Pettigrew, Winslow, Vernon/Fred Davis, or Keller. Graham’s stock is too high right now. Sell.

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    Fantasy Football 101: Always be Prepared!

    October 14th, 2011

    What a season it’s been so far. Who could have predicted Cam going toe-to-toe against Brady and Rodgers

    for the honor of top fantasy QB? How about Fred Jackson? Darren Sproles? Jimmy Graham? If you drafted one of these four guys, your team is probably looking solid. If you drafted 2 or more of these guys, you’re probably on top of your league.

    If you weren’t in the fortunate minority who grabbed players like these, fear not. If you look hard enough, you can still find some football salvation (Tebow, anyone?)

    Scout’s Motto: Be Prepared

    As the season wears on, expect injuries to pop up and put a damper on some lineups. You should be prepared, and think about injury-prone players that have been receiving a heavy workload.


    Not much here as Roger Goodell has decided that if a defender so much as grazes a QB then a flag will be thrown. A couple of reaches… If you have Michael Vick or Matthew Stafford, you need to make sure you’ve got a solid back-up. These guys are fantasy monsters but are one awkward hit away from ending your title hopes. Philly seems to like their back-up Kafka, but you could just as easily hit the waiver wire for Dalton, Painter, or Matt Moore (yikes).

    Running Back:

    This is the spot where you need to do your homework. Offensive coordinators tend to go more conservative as the season wears on, which means higher mileage on backs. You should look around the league and spot platoon situations (similar to the Giants or Panthers) and try to snatch up whoever you can. The guy who is getting less looks now might shine come fantasy playoff time:

    Frank Gore – Kendall Hunter: The Niners have a good thing going out West. Unfortunately, Gore always seems to catch some unlucky break (plus he can barely read). Hunter is explosive and averaging 4.6 YPC so far. If you own Gore, you must get Hunter. If you don’t own Gore, it might be smart to pick Hunter up and wait. The 49ers will be pushing for the playoffs this season and Hunter will get his.

    Steven Jackson – Cadillac Williams: This one is pretty easy. Jackson is elite when healthy, but rarely is he firing on all cylinders. Williams isn’t special but may find some nice match ups in Weeks 8 through 14 (Saints, Seahawks twice, Cardinals twice).

    Maurice Jones-Drew – Deji Karim: Jacksonville’s season was over before it began when they cut Garrard. Not only is MJD injury-prone, but you have to think that the Jags will protect their star back for the future. Expect Karim to take over in the second half.

    Felix Jones – Tashard Choice – DeMarco Murray: The Cowboys offense is potent but Felix can rarely stay healthy. Too early to tell whether Choice or Murray would handle more of the load, but this backfield is worth keeping your eye on.

    Michael Turner – Jacquizz Rodgers: Jacquizz is almost as good as his brother in Green Bay. Turner has been hampered by hamstring issues in the past. It appears Rodgers has leapfrogged Snelling on the depth chart, and the rookie might have a surprise 2nd half.

    Darren McFadden – Michael Bush: As long as McFadden is healthy, Bush will do little more than poach a touchdown every now and then. If McFadden goes down (he’s never lasted more than 13 games in a season) then Bush is an immediate must own. If he is already on a roster, it might be smart to trade while price is low.

    Wide Receiver:

    The Wideout spot is more difficult to predict than Running Backs. With NFL teams getting 4 and 5 receivers constantly into the mix, it’s tough to pinpoint one guy for the remainder of the season. What you can do spot match ups where the opponent has an awful secondary and go from there. Notice the Patriots and Dolphins are both allowing over 300 passing yards per contest (as of Week 6), and both are in the AFC East. This bodes well for the Bills and Jets who get to play these Junior Varsity defenses twice each. If Steve Johnson or Santonio Holmes go down, you could do worse than David Nelson or Plaxico Burress.

    Marques Colston – Robert Meacham – Devery Henderson: If any of these three goes down with an injury, do your best to grab either of the others. Brees is too good.

    Miles Austin – Dez Bryant – Laurent Robinson – Kevin Ogletree: Both Austin and Bryant are injury prone. Robinson is the better play but Ogletree could be a sneaky flex play if you’re desperate and your league is deep or PPR.

    DeSean Jackson – Jeremy Maclin – Jason Avant – Steve Smith: Jackson is speedy but incredibly tiny. One shot across the middle and he may be out for multiple weeks. Avant is getting more looks than Smith at this point but that might change as the season goes on. One of them may produce sooner than later, as the Eagles have a very easy stretch of opponent secondaries from Weeks 9 through 13.

    Coming next week:

    Sleepers for the 2nd Half Deep Sleepers for the 2nd Half


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