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    @U__ Boobs going Viral.. Gotta Love Merica..

    January 16th, 2013

    I have never been thankful for much of anything that has come out of Kansas, but the KuBoobs craze that went viral yesterday is genius. A simple concept, co-eds take a pic from the neck down, wearing your school’s gear and send it in to support your school. No faces, no nudity, and nothing but pure school pride. I believe before yesterday there were about 5 or 6 other schools that had started their own twitter handle. The original, @KuBoobs, and the early adopting rival, @mizzouboobs1 are the first two and both have well over 20k followers by themselves.

    However once the story broke yesterday their was an EXPLOSION of twitter handles demanding the same support for their school. With everyone from SEC powerhouses, like @Bamaboobs and @UFBoobs, to places like @devryboobs or Morehead State (@MSMUboobs). It has been great to see which schools gain support or followers, and then which school’s actually start getting submissions. Whether or not everyone can keep up the passion it will be interesting to see, then again EVERYBODY loves boobs!

    So here is a list of all the boobs U’s that we have found here at Speak Easy.. (along with some quality submissions!) – Also in no order.

    @BGSUboobs – Bowling Green
    @Huskerboobs – Nebraska
    @nittanyboobs – Penn State
    @OUboobs – Not sure which Sooner one is the best
    @Wardamnboobs – Auburn
    @Tmboobs – Texas A&M – One or two of them.
    @MsStateboobs – Mississippi State
    @CUboobs – Colorado
    @UTAboobs – University of Texas at Arlington
    @UWboobs – University of Washington
    @Rockytoppers – U Tenn
    @MSUMboobs – MSU Moorhead ? Where?
    @KSU_boobs – Think there are like four K-State
    @theUboobs – University of Miami – I expect big things…
    @UMDboobs – University of Maryland
    @MoStateboobs – Missour State
    @ISUboobs – >
    @UUboobs – Utah Boobs
    @TTUboobs – Texas Tech ( and ran by a girl )
    @UF_boobs – Another Florida boobs
    @hokieboobs – 800 followers in 12 hours..
    @BMSboobs – Blue Mountain State
    @TheOSUboobs – Ohio State University
    @UTboobs – Vols
    @shoxboobs – Shockers?
    @ECUboobs – East Carolina
    @Zonaboobs – Arizona
    @UOboobs – Oregon
    @bamaboobs – Roll tide
    @WVUboobs – WEst Virginia
    @UKboobs – Kentucky (might be banned or suspended.. showing nudity)
    @UMboobs- Miami again
    @Halistateboobs – Where??
    @Ou_boobs – Olkahoma
    @towsonboobs – Towson
    @WKUboobs- Western Kentucky
    @UDboobs – Dayton Flyers
    @KSU_boobs1 – Another K-State
    @hottytoddyboobs – Ole Miss
    @UNCboobs – UNC chapel Hill
    @Texasboobs – University of Texaas
    @bayouboobs – LSU
    @Sundevilboobs – Arizona State
    @Kuboobs – The Orginal, and probably still the best over 18k followers
    @Mizzouboobs1 – another from earlier on, their stuff is pretty nice..

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    The Guarded Souls of Wolfpack Nation

    November 9th, 2012

    College basketball starts again in Raleigh tonight as the Wolfpack is set to tip-off against Miami (OH) in the newly named PNC Arena. After being named the pre-season favorite to win the ACC, a top 10 team in the country, and numerous other honors; I wouldn’t be surprised if the ceiling exploded from the pressure of all that hype. Many Wolfpack fans probably feel like they’ve been here before, and to guard against the annual heartbreak that is NC State sports, they remain cautiously optimistic.

    The hype among Wolfpack Nation for even small achievements in recruiting can create the kind of expectations that have made us a laughing stock among other fan bases.
    “Hey, did you hear a five-star O lineman named Rob Crisp committed?”

    “ Yeah, everyone knows TOB is known for O line play, he’s really turning things around. I bet he’ll have an ACC Championship in two years.”


    “Man, I can’t believe Sid landed J.J. Hickson, Tracy Smith, and some scrappy Puerto Rican by way of Miami…Javi Gonzalez I think.”

    “Shit yeah, I heard that too. Sid’s ready to throw on the red jacket and cut down the nets again!”

    Of course, after league play begins there is really only one refrain coming from the dark depths of Pack Pride forums: “FIRE HERB!” “FIRE TOB!” “FIRE SID!”

    The posters there are a lot like the base of the GOP that tarnish any good candidate by making them wade into the shallow pit of craziness where they reside. But this year, let’s not let the inmates run the asylum.

    This team has the potential to be very good. While most of the pre-season praise has been aimed at Calvin Leslie, Zo Brown might just be the best player on the team and best point guard in the ACC. Scott Wood will continue amaze behind the arch (the kid was taking 500 shots a day on a 10 ft rim at age 5) and if Richard Howell can stay out of foul trouble he’ll cause fits for big men across the country.

    Add in Rodney Purvis, T.J. Warren, and Tyler Lewis and you have a level of talent not seen in Raleigh since the 80s. With improvement, Thomas De Thaey and Jordan Vanderberg should be able to give Leslie and Howell a few minutes of rest each game.

    From all accounts, it seems like the team chemistry that Mark Gottfried built in his first season as head coach has carried over to the All-American freshman class. If he can get them to play together for 40 minutes without getting in foul trouble…the Pack really could be back. So get the popcorn ready. At 7 o’clock tonight we’ll start to find out if this is going to be very good team, or something really special.

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    A Different Breed

    June 28th, 2012

    The modern athlete is a different breed. No longer is the star quarterback the star point guard, as well. Of course, it can happen, but such cases are few and far between. Kids choose their sport as early as seventh grade.

    Summer leagues and year round teams allow kids to directly focus on one sport. Year round one-sport athletes are not just basketball or baseball kids anymore. Now they’re lacrosse or hockey athletes, too.

    I, along with many others, have sacrificed my summer and social life for sports. I don’t think our teams have had as much fun on their “all star teams” in the summer as past generations. Back then, it was more about having fun and keeping the dream alive of making it to Williamsport. Now you have to show ten coaches that you deserve to play, which constantly ups the pressure.
    Playing in the summer isn’t necessarily an option, anymore, either. It’s mandatory. If you want to get better for the upcoming scholastic season, then you better demonstrate that you are working on your craft in the summer. Travel ball is also about getting the high school team together and preparing as one developing the team chemistry that is so crucial to win in today’s highly competitive high school leagues.

    Today’s high school sports demand more, whichever way you slice it. Kids come in bigger, faster, and stronger and certainly more thoroughly prepared, mentally and physically. Coaches coach harder and demand more from a preparation standpoint. Complex schemes and commitment to film study in the off-season have become more commonplace. Year-round hard work must be done to ensure your position on the field and to show your coaches that you are capable of leadership.

    Maybe the hardest part of succeeding in today’s ever-changing youth sports landscape is the ability to give up and sacrifice a lot. Kids may have to face the reality of not having the ability to hang out after school. Instead, they go to the gym for a couple hours to work out harder than the guy they’re competing against, where in today’s world competition is always ever present and the mere thought of losing your job always hangs in the balance and is a constant reminder of the sweat that the current athlete has to endure throughout the summer.

    Overall, the process of athletics has changed dramatically. High school games are broadcast live on ESPN and student athletes are well aware of the exposure that is available. Upper tier athletes always want to make it to the big stage. They are focused and prepared to take on a lot of challenges that face them in high school. Do we need to improve? Yes. Is the competitive nature of year round sports too much at too rapid a pace and in too many instances too young an age? Without question …yes. Today’s youth endure hardships on the field of play that there is very little comparison to what my father participated in. There was no AAU, no travel teams, and no mandatory high school workouts. It was three distinct seasons of participation. Those days are but a distant memory. Athletes today are faced with a fundamental question. How bad do they want it? The fun for merely participating is still there, but clearly has been minimized in today’s atmosphere.

    Publishers Note: A look at the changing landscape of Youth Sports written through the eyes of Apex High Schooler, Andrew Mason

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    This one’s for you, Pops.

    June 18th, 2012

    Since we just celebrated Father’s day, I thought I would take a look at the role that fathers can play in their child’s athletic career. As a high school student and having a role in my school’s athletics, I can easily see the effects that my dad.

    He was there to push me when I needed it and also gave of his time to throw a couple rounds of BP in those hot summer days; even going down to the street to throw the football around. A father’s role should be teaching and demonstrating how the game is played; the right way of course.

    Every child in the world should be told that anything is possible and that the dream of going professional is possible, as long as they work hard. Sports teach life skills. Teamwork, perseverance, hard work, courage, and the list goes on. What sports should not be about is getting a full ride to college.

    I really do believe that youth sports, especially a father’s role in them, have definitely improved. My dad tells me stories of his best games in little league. Having a grand slam and the game winning hit, then walking home to his parents to tell them about the game. Sure times were different, but I feel like they’re better now–parent’s are more present in their child’s lives.

    I mean there were no $50 lessons or $150 equipment. Each team had three or four bats, a couple helmets and that was it. Again, times were different, very few parents were there every game. It’s a great feeling seeing your father in the crowd looking over when you make a great play. It’s a moment you’ll never forget. A moment that I truly cherish. It’s cool to know that your dad is proud of you and beaming from the sidelines. From every “you’ll get the next one” to “great play” and the occasional “come on man…you can do better.” Sometimes you hate sound of it, but in the end you know that he’s only on you because he knows you can do better.

    A lot of the American father/son relationships are formed on the athletic field. Whether it’s hockey, soccer, football, basketball, or lacrosse you name it, a bond is formed. Sometimes a dad is your best friend at a tournament when it’s not going so well or your leader who keeps you in line and humble. Truly nothing is better than sharing a great win with your dad who helped make it possible. I look at the embrace every year in the U.S Open that ends on Father’s Day. One that quickly comes to mind would be Tiger and his dad–such a warming embrace.

    I can not count how many times I’ve sat with my dad and watched the Patriots play every Sunday 16 times each fall. Or the time that the Red Sox finally made it to the World Series. Every NCAA tournament with Gus Johnson at the helm of every great call, or the Masters with Jim Nantz. We’ve had so many moments off the field that shapes the way our relationship is today.

    Sports transcends reality, as we know it. So many people have had an experience with sports. It’d be tough to find an American who hasn’t had a coach or a team that has taught them something important. As I reflect on this Father’s Day, I want to thank my dad for taking the time to make memories for me. Whether its having a catch or playing 18, he’s always been there to teach me a lesson about life.

    (Publishers Note: A Tribute all the fathers our there written through the eyes of Apex High Schooler, Andrew Mason)

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    Twitter & Footballers…a match made in Heaven/Hell?

    January 26th, 2012

    I don’t tweet. I had a brief spell when I enjoyed reading what my favourite celebrities had on their minds, but quickly grew tired as I realized that famous people really aren’t that interesting. That’s all different now, because someone has been teaching professional footballers how to tweet (unfortunately no one has yet to teach them how to spell). Amongst the most prominent footballers currently tweeting are Rio Ferdinand (@RioFerdy5), Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) and Cesc Fabregas (@cesc4official). It’s a pretty big deal these days (apparently) and there can be no doubt that it has revolutionised the dynamic between fans and players. It provides fans with an insight into their heroes’ lives, while simultaneously allowing footballers the chance to directly interact with the people who really pay their obscene wages.

    It wasn’t just the banter with fans that made for such engrossing reading; it was immensely enjoyable seeing footballers bite back at the journalists that spend so long building up legends only to tear them down again. I still enjoy reading some of the comments that Piers Morgan gets from footballers, because he really is a dick and I consider it a public service to remind him of that fact. However, that’s not really relevant.

    Twitter seems like a natural evolution, not only in the way football stories are reported, but also in the way that football is experienced. Here we have an insight into the inner workings of the game, even if it’s something as trivial as training day or who is sitting next to who on the team bus. It puts us right there with the players. We feel like part of the team and that is every fan’s dream.

    That was before it all changed though. That was before…him. If you’re a regular follower of the Barclay’s Premier League, then you will know the player who conspires to make himself the pantomime villain of English football at every opportunity. There’s no doubt that the man I’m talking about is Joey Barton.

    Joey Barton has been dogged by controversy since he made his debut for Manchester City in 2003. He would have made his debut several months earlier, but incredibly when called upon, he realised that he had lost his shirt. Seriously. Unfortunately that is about as light-hearted as it gets, as his rap sheet is littered with violent assaults, both on and off the pitch. His unruly streak culminated in a six month jail sentence for common assault in 2008, in addition to the beating he handed out to former Man City teammate, Ousmane Dabo. Needless to say, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize this one simple truth:

    Joey Barton + Twitter = Shitstorm.

    Certainly this is what Neil Warnock is thinking. Until recently he was manager of QPR (that’s Queens Park Rangers for those who don’t know) and Joey Barton. He was sacked by the chairman after a poor run of results, which left them in a relegation dogfight. Despite his rather paranoid assertion that QPR’s chairman was poisoned against him through the medium of Twitter, I must confess that it was a surprise when I heard the news that he had been sacked. Having got QPR into the Premier League, he faced increasing odds of keeping them there thanks to several dramas at the club. First, there was the lingering issue of the ownership rights of Alejandro Faurlin. Then there are the trials and tribulations of Adel Taraabt, and let’s not forget the intense media focus in the wake of the John Terry racism controversy.

    So Warnock was sacked and Joey Barton had plenty to say. “If I talked about Neil, he’d do well to get another job. Twitter lost him his job? I can think of a million other things! Shut it Warnock”

    What does he mean “if’?!” You are talking about him you idiot!

    He later tweeted “He lost his job and is blaming everyone but himself! Embarrassing, time to look in the mirror mate.”

    What a prick! Don’t you think?

    He just lost his job; give him a break and move on. Joey Barton tried so hard to reinvent himself as the ‘intellectual’ footballer, but that just amounted to posting George Orwell quotes on Twitter. I can almost sense him copying and pasting something now!

    Barton’s shown himself to be a petty little man who is just unable to let things go. He’s done this before as well, only last season would you believe? When he was at Newcastle he often tweeted about the chairmen and the board. He was criticising them for selling Andy Carroll to Liverpool, amongst other things. It got so bad that they moved him on for NOTHING! He was available for free and he went to QPR because they agreed to pay him £80,000 a week and make him captain. That’s right, they made him captain! They should have looked at Twitter before they printed the contract, which brings me to my point. Twitter is a mouthpiece for the people. Everyone says and does stupid things, everyone can be irrational or emotional. Footballers are people. They may have a lot more money than me, but … sorry I forgot my point there.

    …I wish I was rich.

    The fact is that if you want to feel closer to these footballers, then you have to accept that sometimes they have good days and bad. They will tweet stupid stuff that they will regret (and delete promptly after a call from the club solicitor). You have to accept that you won’t stop them from using Twitter, so why not just let them get on with it. There will be controversy for sure, but that’s a small price to pay for a direct line to Wayne Rooney.

    You also have to accept that some people are just wankers…like Joey Barton.

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    Showtime “Sanchise” in Hot Water

    January 13th, 2012

    The NFL playoffs are in full affect. NFL headlines are stacked with matchup analysis of expert’s take on who’s gonna beat who, and of course our hourly fix of Tebow mania. I won’t go any further than that on Tebow because I could already write a Biography on him with the amount of media coverage he’s had this year. Of course there is another team that is doing their best to hog the spotlight and that’s the New York Jets.

    All of a sudden things in the Jet’s camp are getting a little shaky. For the first time since 2008, the Jets failed to make the postseason. The Jets, with an 8-8 finish and losers of their last 3, as Sir Charles would put it have “Gone Fishin.” As a result of their finish, they fired their offensive coordinator only to hire Miami’s former head coach, who’s Dolphins beat the Jets in week 17, which all but guaranteed their demise. Funny how that worked out! The big news though is current Jets players putting the current QB Mark Sanchez on blast. Rumor is that some Jets players think Sanchez is lazy, has a mediocre work ethic, and more importantly just isn’t that good. Well duh, I could’ve told you that. Sometimes I think that the constant banging of football player’s heads severely lowers their common sense or better yet their I.Q. Someone should do a study on it. I personally think these guys are just jealous that Sanchez is spending some quality time with Kate Upton. If you don’t know, Google her and thank me later!!! Now I think this is where the reading of my article ends.

    If you happened to move on, let’s look at a few of Sanchez’s numbers in his third year. Td passes 26, good for 9th in the league…NOT BAD. Interceptions 18, good for 5th most in the league…BAD. Completion percentage 56.7%, good for 28th in the league…REALLY BAD. Quarterback rating 78.2, good for 23rd in the league…BAD. In my opinion, and I’m probably not alone here, Sanchez is downright terrible in 2 of the most important statistics for a quarterback in the NFL. His QB rating is 23rd behind the likes of Andy Dalton (a rookie), Cam Newton (another rookie), Matt Moore (a Dolphins QB), and oh yeah, Tarvaris Jackson. Let’s not forget to mention that Tarvaris Jackson’s a full 3.5% higher on his completion percentage as well. I mean Tarvaris Jackson, come on! Can you name his starting receivers? This is not good for a third year QB in one of football’s biggest markets.

    Anyway, back to the blasting. Unfortunately we don’t know which players said these things, or at least not yet. Other current players are backing him, including pro-bowl center Nick Mangold and tackle Wayne Hunter. Uhhh mistake! This is your chance to say what you really want to say and you guys are blowing it. That’s not how most of these guys work though. It’s always “we support the team,” “we support our QB,” just ask T.O., he’ll cry about it to you. If they do blast other players, it’s normally behind the scenes like we see here. I wish for once a player or two would man up and just say what they’re really thinking. “Yeah he’s a qood guy, but not that good of quarterback.” Come on man, you know you want to say it. Oh well, that’s where we come in, to do it for you.

    I’ll tell you what else I’m sick of is the Jets and all of the coverage they get; just as much as I’m sick of all the Tebow coverage. In all honesty, I’d rather watch the Tebow coverage because he’s still an enigma to many and we all want him to fail miserably or succeed brilliantly. Regarding the Jets, I wish they would just go away. Sorry you were 8-8 and didn’t make the playoffs, why don’t you cry about it. Sorry your quarterback is not very good at playing quarterback and better at chasing high quality tail. Sorry your coach talks a lot of smack at the beginning of the season and you guys don’t back it up. Also sorry he steals snacks out of your lockers during practice. I don’t get why they are so interesting. Oh wait, I forgot they are a New York team, now I get it. Those New Yorkers just have to hog the spotlight even if they shouldn’t be in it.

    Well I’m going to solve the problem for all of us. If a team doesn’t make the playoffs in the NFL, there should be a 10 day blackout of coverage on said teams unless it’s of transactional nature like hiring/firing. Granted this would never happen, but one can hope. So as for the Jets, it’s quite simple: trade for Peyton Manning. You took in Brett Favre and Manning is younger at this point in his career and a better QB than Favre. That will solve a host of problems. It will solve the Sanchez problem. I’m sure Santonio will shape up real quick with Manning under center, and I bet Rex Ryan plays it humble if Manning is in the locker room. No more Super Bowl guarantees if Manning is there, because if you fail, the result would be a pink slip for you Rex. I hope you aren’t that arrogan, then again I hope you are, because it will solve us having to listen to the constant nonsense that is reported about your team. If you’re a New Yorker, I’m sure you enjoy it, but the rest of us don’t (unless it’s pictures of Mark and Kate Upton at the Jersey Shore), then we don’t care. In all actuality though, I hope the Jets don’t, because I’d rather see them stick with their “Sanchise QB” hoping he will turn it around. That way we can have teams like Cincinnati in the playoffs who just shut up and play, win or lose.


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    Race 10 of the Season: Hamilton surprised with German win

    July 28th, 2011

    McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton hit back emphatically at his critics with a beautifully judged drive to victory at a mostly dry Nurburgring on Sunday afternoon, in a race which he described to his crew as ‘easy’ during his slowing down lap.

    Hamilton grabbed the lead from Red Bull’s Mark Webber at the start as Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel scrapped over third place on a track that was slightly slippery in places from a very light shower just as the grid formed. Vettel took third when Alonso made a mistake, but the Spaniard later re passed him and Vettel lost time first with a half spin in Turn 10 on the ninth lap, then with a rear brake problem.

    Hamilton momentarily lost the lead to Webber on the 12th lap after a slow exit from the chicane, but immediately overtook him going into Turn One. Later, however, the Australian took the lead after an early pit stop on Lap 14. The reshuffled order saw Webber ahead of Hamilton, with Alonso very much in play.

    Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and McLaren’s Jenson Button had meanwhile lost time at the start and had ground to make up.

    Webber was again the first to make his second stop, again for soft Pirellis, on Lap 30. Hamilton and Alonso stopped on Laps 31 and 32 respectively, and this time McLaren got their man out ahead again to set the pattern for the race. All three ran as fast and as long as they could on their second sets of soft tires, which were faster than the harder compounds. Behind them, Massa fought a great battle to keep a recovering Vettel at bay for fourth.

    Hamilton clearly had the pace to keep Alonso behind, as Webber appeared to fade for a while. As the countdown began to the final stops, McLaren turned Hamilton round quickly again, as he was the first to stop on Lap 51, and though Alonso went two laps later and Webber another three beyond that, there was never any doubt about the outcome as the 2008 world champion won by 3.9s. Alonso crossed the line 5.8s ahead of Webber, but hitched a ride home on the Red Bull’s side pod after running out of fuel on the slowdown lap.

    The Massa/Vettel duel was settled by Ferrari’s crew on the penultimate lap as both dived into the pits together but Red Bull got their man out quicker, handing him fourth place. Massa was a hugely disappointed fifth.

    Behind them, Adrian Sutil made tremendous use of a two-stop strategy to take an excellent sixth place for Force India after a measured drive, beating the three-stopping Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher who, like Vettel, spun in Turn 10. The two silver cars were hounded throughout by Kamui Kobayashi’s Sauber after the Japanese driver made a superb start, and he took ninth place just ahead of Vitaly Petrov who had tough battles with Button, Schumacher and Kobayashi on his way to 10th and the final point.

    Sergio Perez was 11th in the other Sauber after an off-course moment, while Jaime Alguersuari was Toro Rosso’s top finisher in 12th ahead of Force India’s Paul di Resta who had to fight back from a spin in the third corner after the start. Pastor Maldonado was Williams’ sole finisher in 14th after Rubens Barrichello hit mechanical trouble early on, the Venezuelan heading home Sebastien Buemi who survived a clash at the chicane which put out first-lap spinner Nick Heidfeld. After a post-race investigation by the stewards, Buemi was handed a five-place grid penalty for the next round in Hungary.

    Heikki Kovalainen had an uneventful run to 16th for Team Lotus, ahead of the battling Virgins of Timo Glock and Jerome D’Ambrosio. Tonio Liuzzi chased them hard, having overcome a challenge from HRT team mate Daniel Ricciardo, but the Italian retired with electrical problems, leaving the improving Australian rookie to finish 19th ahead of Lotus debutant Karun Chandhok who had a few off-course adventures.

    The highest profile non-finisher was Button, who got stuck behind Petrov early on and lost a lot of ground before finally finding a way by. He was running sixth on the road when he was called in to retire on Lap 35, due to hydraulic problems.

    Hamilton’s win moves him to third in the title chase on 134 points to Vettel’s 216 and Webber’s 139, with Alonso on 130 and Button grounded on 109. Red Bull extended their constructors’ points score to 355, with McLaren on 243 to Ferrari’s 192. Mercedes pulled further ahead of Renault, with 78 to 66.

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