Vinny Chase’s Movie Career

Vinny Chase’s Movie Career
  • Entourage movie is coming out next summer, but I felt a fun side project would be to create movie posters for all of his movie from the TV show, including the ones that never saw the light of day. While some of the movies had posters created for them in the show, and I choose to go another direction. Enjoy!!!  In chronological order according to the show!
    I also used several sources all through out the internet, and I do not claim to own any of them, it was for fun and thanks to all!
  • Head On – with Jessica Alba
  • Queens Blvd – A film by Billy Walsh
    (Styled after the NYC Subway system)
  • James Cameron’s Aquaman
  • Medellin – The Pablo Escobar Story
  • Smoke Jumpers – Unreleased Warner Bros action movie
  • Gatsby – A Martin Scorsese Picture
  • Ferrari – The Enzo Ferrari Story
  • The Takeover – A film by Nick Cassavettes
  • Airwalkers – Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


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