Speak Easy Apparel Launch!

Speak Easy Apparel Launch!

There was no fancy party, just a lovely evening with friends and an amazing dinner at Wendy’s. But Speak Easy Apparel has finally launched. With the help of Design By Humans, we are now proud to offer over 10 new designs for the Summer, with many more exciting tee shirts coming soon.

The tee shirt blanks that they use are some of the most comfortable available and fitted to perfection. I know most people prefer to buy in person from myself, but with our new production this is much more practical. It also allows us to offer women’s cut and sizes.

So please visit the store, select your style and color, and look forward to your tee in the mail in about a week!

Some of the highlights for the Summer are:

Release the Kraken
We franchised the beast, so it was only fitting to make a classic tee for one of the most entertaining Panthers.


Since we finally made the playoffs, and Cam started to come into his own, it was time for a new tee, he is no longer hiding behind the shades, he is becoming Superman.

Our Pop Culture Line

W-E-T Bandits
From the classic Home Alone, a fun tee for the nostalgic 90s kids.

He’s Fancy, He’ll go glove
Scene… Penalty Shoot out, USA wearing their alternate Duck uniforms that have nothing to do with America, and Coach Bombay goes to his bench to put in an ice cold goalie against the tourney’s leading scorer, Iceland’s Gunnar Staal.

We have plenty more designs as well. So check out our shop.

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