@U__ Boobs going Viral.. Gotta Love Merica..

@U__ Boobs going Viral.. Gotta Love Merica..

I have never been thankful for much of anything that has come out of Kansas, but the KuBoobs craze that went viral yesterday is genius. A simple concept, co-eds take a pic from the neck down, wearing your school’s gear and send it in to support your school. No faces, no nudity, and nothing but pure school pride. I believe before yesterday there were about 5 or 6 other schools that had started their own twitter handle. The original, @KuBoobs, and the early adopting rival, @mizzouboobs1 are the first two and both have well over 20k followers by themselves.

However once the story broke yesterday their was an EXPLOSION of twitter handles demanding the same support for their school. With everyone from SEC powerhouses, like @Bamaboobs and @UFBoobs, to places like @devryboobs or Morehead State (@MSMUboobs). It has been great to see which schools gain support or followers, and then which school’s actually start getting submissions. Whether or not everyone can keep up the passion it will be interesting to see, then again EVERYBODY loves boobs!

So here is a list of all the boobs U’s that we have found here at Speak Easy.. (along with some quality submissions!) – Also in no order.

@BGSUboobs – Bowling Green
@Huskerboobs – Nebraska
@nittanyboobs – Penn State
@OUboobs – Not sure which Sooner one is the best
@Wardamnboobs – Auburn
@Tmboobs – Texas A&M – One or two of them.
@MsStateboobs – Mississippi State
@CUboobs – Colorado
@UTAboobs – University of Texas at Arlington
@UWboobs – University of Washington
@Rockytoppers – U Tenn
@MSUMboobs – MSU Moorhead ? Where?
@KSU_boobs – Think there are like four K-State
@theUboobs – University of Miami – I expect big thingsā€¦
@UMDboobs – University of Maryland
@MoStateboobs – Missour State
@ISUboobs – >
@UUboobs – Utah Boobs
@TTUboobs – Texas Tech ( and ran by a girl )
@UF_boobs – Another Florida boobs
@hokieboobs – 800 followers in 12 hours..
@BMSboobs – Blue Mountain State
@TheOSUboobs – Ohio State University
@UTboobs – Vols
@shoxboobs – Shockers?
@ECUboobs – East Carolina
@Zonaboobs – Arizona
@UOboobs – Oregon
@bamaboobs – Roll tide
@WVUboobs – WEst Virginia
@UKboobs – Kentucky (might be banned or suspended.. showing nudity)
@UMboobs- Miami again
@Halistateboobs – Where??
@Ou_boobs – Olkahoma
@towsonboobs – Towson
@WKUboobs- Western Kentucky
@UDboobs – Dayton Flyers
@KSU_boobs1 – Another K-State
@hottytoddyboobs – Ole Miss
@UNCboobs – UNC chapel Hill
@Texasboobs – University of Texaas
@bayouboobs – LSU
@Sundevilboobs – Arizona State
@Kuboobs – The Orginal, and probably still the best over 18k followers
@Mizzouboobs1 – another from earlier on, their stuff is pretty nice..

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