The Low Down Dirty Shame

The Low Down Dirty Shame

It’s a damn dirty shame, ACL-gate in our nation’s capital.

DC has always been known to have some shady characters, from accidental shootings, missing call girls, oval office blowies, and hotel break-ins. But right now there is nothing more sleazy or slimy than the guy that goes to work at Fed Ex Field every day. Here is a man who built a reputation off the greatness of John Elway and running the legs out of Terrell Davis. He has never cared for the people he coached or given a damn about the long turn health of his players. I would not be surprised at all if at half time of Sunday’s game Shanahan was in the training room going all Bud Kilmore and forcing Lance Harbor to take the pain killing shot. Meanwhile, he knew perfectly well that Moxon was more than capable of playing well for him. Substitute the names and you get the idea.

As much as I salute RGIII for effort and desire to play, at some point someone has to sit him down and say enough is enough. Hand the ball to Cousins to come in and save the day. Just because your kid says he wants to play in traffic, should you let him? Hell no, at some point the higher ups had to look at the shell of a player that was out on the field and realize that one, he is only hurting himself, and two he does not give you the best chance to win the game. But that is Shanahan’s MO. He let Terrell Davis play with migraines and who knows how many concussions. He made the wrong call, and the worst part is now he is trying to shift the blame from everyone but himself. Blaming the world renowned orthopedist that cleared him to play and then on to RGIII himself saying he promised he could play. You do not need a doctor to tell you what you could see with your own two eyes in that game on Sunday. RGIII was Bob, he could not run, he couldn’t transfer the weight to make accurate throws down field, and he was not a good QB.

However, it is not like you had damn Johnny Utah backing him up, you have Kirk Cousins, who has played great in just about every game he played in this season. He came in cold against the Ravens, completing two huge passes for the touchdown, and then running for the 2 point conversations. He has been a viable option, so when Bob is clearly playing awful and not the same player, why the hell do you not make the switch? No, you wait until the knee completely buckles and gives out, most likely tearing the ACL in the process.

Regardless, Shanahan has completely mishandled the situation and possibly seriously hurt the future of his franchise. I really believe that he is a Bud Kilmore clone and the only thing that matters to Mike is the 13 district championships. Players are paid field hands, and he has every intention of using them up and discarding them when he sees fit. A real coach would have walked into locker room at half time, sat down next to Bob and said, “You’ve a been a warrior out there for me today, you’ve given me everything you had. We’re only here because of you; now let us take it from here.” Bottom line, the Redskins needed Tony D’Amato, not Bud Kilmore, and RG III is the one who has to pay the price.

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