F*?!king Peter Jackson

F*?!king Peter Jackson

This is a rant…Maybe it was the traffic this morning or what, but I am fired up. Peter Jackson is a fucking slob. Congratulations, you made one one reallllllllyyyyy long fucking movie that never ever seemed to fucking end and won a bunch of awards. You show up to the Oscars looking like a fucking hobo, and after trying to get your own projects off the ground you return to Never-Never Land or middle earth or where ever the fuck those books take place and proceed to spend 500 million dollars making two movies from one children’s book. Then, in an effort to grab more cash and continue to show off your complete lack of editing skills, your making ANOTHER trilogy. Three movies, I am assuming that will all be close to 3 hours, from a children’s book that was 310 pages in its initial printing in 1937!! So you’re making a movie for about a hundred pages, if the fan boys did not love your hairy Frodo cock, everyone would be bored to tears by the end of the second movie.

However, that is not enough. On top of all that, apparently NONE of the 500+ million dollars went to looking after the livelihood of the animals that were involved in your overblown production. Several animal wranglers were even fired when they complained about the conditions that the animals were living in. Sinkholes, bluffs, generally terribly dangerous terrain led to the deaths of ATLEAST 25 animals. Here are some of the highlights:

“The main complaint in holding the production company liable is that the farm was not properly equipped to house horses, filled with sinkholes and broken fencing that made it easy for horses to break their limbs and require euthanization. Chris Langridge, hired as a horse trainer, quit after only a few months on the job, after seeing one miniature horse euthanized after breaking its back, and another cut badly after being caught in fencing. Langridge says he contacted the unit production manager to describe his concerns and provided her with more information, but was never in touch after that.”

Then after that you went on to say:
“The producers completely reject the accusations that 27 animals died due to mistreatment during the making of the films.”

Yet, before that in production, they said:
“A rep for Jackson acknowledged the lives lost but said that some died of natural causes.”

Either way, I know it is not going to stop the rabid fan base from proclaiming the genius of the films and they’ll make a ton of money, but I for one will not be going anywhere near this film and I urge others to go see something else!!! Wreck-it Ralph, Skyfall…Something other than the latest bloated piece of swell that this pretentious, can’t edit for shit, hack throws our way.

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