MNW – The Revolution of Bing

MNW – The Revolution of Bing

And we are back…I would like to think that there was a reason for the extended absence, but there was not. It has simply been a little crazy around here. Finally had some time to check out some of the new shows, and while you can watch previews and read all about them, you really can never tell if you’re going to like a show until it comes on and you take it for a test drive. So, with a few new shows getting the jump on the competition here, are my initial thoughts.

Revolution – Once you put aside the complete absurdity of the main plot point, the show was actually pretty entertaining. Or maybe I just am too into the girl, Charlie, to really notice anything else. The action was a bit poor, but it was pilot action. I can see it getting better. It has an interesting feel and if they can continue it I think it will be fun. Although, just to have a bit of fun with it, a couple of things to point out:

  1. As hot as Charlie is, I love how she has managed to keep a 15 year supply of makeup and lip gloss. Because those things I guess can easily be created from roots, plants, and herbs.
  2. Maybe we have not gotten there, but even if the power to everything electrical is gone, a good old fashion steam engine would still work. So find a relic of a steam locomotive and you could roll across the country, it would be the most effective means of transportation.
  3. I understand that losing everything with a circuit would make life difficult, however, are we in the age where human ingenuity could not bounce back a little quicker? I mean there are too many smart people in the world for us to still be riding around on horseback. You can still make fire and with fire you can forge iron and with iron you can construct all sorts of wonderful creations. I know we have most data stored on hard drives, but America is the king of redundancy and the US patent office still has designs and diagrams for just about everything invented over the past hundred years. Even without machines, you’re telling me the entire human race couldn’t rebuild some type of car with no electronics in 15 years time?? Come on, we are lazy but that not lazy.

Although, a friend did point out that it’s only the first show, so we will see where it goes.

Go On – I usually would stay away from something like this, mostly because Matthew Perry annoys me, but I honestly like this show. The pilot is decent, I mean what do you expect with a TO cameo, but they have only gotten better since then. While Perry is the show’s lead, it is the supporting cast that steals the show. You have seen all of them in tons of other shows, or even movies, but they are all great character actors and are really having fun and it shows. Which brings me back to my old standby: if your actors have chemistry and actually enjoy being on a show together; the general concept, idea, or whatever can be quite poor and it will still be a pretty entertaining show.

However, the same cannot be side for The New Normal. I dislike when shows go for tooooo cliche gay. It might have worked when it was the only gay on TV, but now there is so much and this just feels like they are trying too hard. Modern Family walks the line perfectly and it’s like they said, “Ok, let’s do that only have our gay overly gay, and our Mitch be a little cooler.” Then add in a random bigot grandmother and token black character. Either way, you are on notice.

Hopefully some of these other new shows turn out well, because USA is putting me in Suits and White Collar withdrawal ‘til January.

On to movies… Oscar season is kicking off with The Master, a P.T. Anderson film. For those of you who don’t know, he’s the guy that only makes a film about every 2 years, and they are usually something special. Although they are usually painful to watch; and I mean that in the nicest possible way. They are a brutal assault on the senses. They are filled with passion, anger, and emotion. I am sure The Master is no different. Check it out, I’m sure it will win at least 3 or 4 academy awards.

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