Look at ME!!! Shower me with Hugs and Kisses!!!!!

Look at ME!!! Shower me with Hugs and Kisses!!!!!

Author’s Note: I would first like to say that yes, I know Cristiano Ronaldo is an amazing football player. He is unstoppable when he’s in the zone and he’s a physical force. Plus, he is also a professional athlete that doesn’t look like he got beat down with the ugly stick. So, I admit that I would switch places with him in a second, and there might be some hint of jealously here. However, I refuse to feel sorry for a person who has everything, and is sad, because everyone around him does not kiss his ass and shower him with affection. YOU’RE A DICK, accept it…Now, for the reason I have come to this judgment.

Yes, we are in the age of endless vanity and self-serving behavior. But are we really to this level? Cristiano Ronaldo is sad. He is unhappy for professional reasons. The right people know it, and now he is not going to celebrate his goals because he is sad. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? It isn’t bad enough that you are behave like a fucking 2 year old on the field, diving and flopping around like you have been shot, pouting and berating your teammates with your pissy glares and hands on your hips routine; but now you are sad? Maybe it’s because as great as all the trophies are, the rest of the guys in the dressing room are finally tired of your shit. News flash, you’re not a very likable guy and I am sure that it’s hard to fit everyone in the dressing room being fill up with your massive ego. Your best friend, Marcelo, doesn’t even want to talk to you anymore, all because you threw a bitch fit. Just because he said Iker Casillas deserved the Golden Ball as the world’s best player. Dropping the fact that the guy is a defender by trade and will always have his goalie’s back. Casillas is the fucking captain of your team, the reigning European and World Cup champions. He’s pretty fucking good, so while he may not bang in as many goals, he is still pretty damn important.

Or maybe it comes down to the fact that he has managed to do the one thing that you could never and will never be able to do, and that is lead. Sure you can go out there and be the hero, score the goals, bang the chicks, and train harder than anyone else. Yet at the end of the day, you are still a prima donna. A selfish diva that your teammates tolerate because on the field you are incredible. You never will be a leader, a true captain, someone that will inspired the weak and bring out the absolute best in others. You are just not wired that way, your mentality and demeanor will never allow you to be that type of person. So accept that, know your role, and move on. But don’t pout when everyone is getting tired of your selfishness and theatrics.

People tolerate you, but I truly believe that there might be 5 people on the planet outside of your family that actually like you. Is that being harsh? Yes, but no matter how many goals you score, the antics and your actions just make you un-likable. Why else would someone who is supposed to be your best friend saying things like they do. Why is the only person jumping to your defense, Kaka, who is so desperate for a meaningful game he would father Mourinho’s kids.

“He just needs more affection from everybody, I don’t know, that’s all we can give him. Everybody has the right to be sad, he’s a person just like anyone else.”

Why does he need more affection? Does he not have the love of every Madristia? Does this mean that in fact the locker room has soured on him? That they are tired of his shit? Why else would someone come out and say that, “He needs more affection right now…” Is it really so bad that it’s making him not enjoy his football? That he is depressed with making a million Euro’s a month, dating a super model, and living in one of the greatest cities on the planet? That even with all that, he needs more affection??

Maybe this is all just one big stunt to get a new contract. He wants to be the highest paid footballer, because he feels he is the best and several players on the team recently signed new deals (mind you none of them are close to what he is getting paid now). This is probably the real reason he is sad, it has nothing to do with the dressing room, or people’s attitude towards him, it has everything to do with the fact that he just wants to be paid. Maybe so, because as much as I want to hope there is some sort of humanity left in this guy, that he actually is realizes that people genuinely do not like him, and it hurts. However, I honestly think he could care less about those around him, that they are there to make him better, and supply him with passes, so he can score and be the hero, and become the legend he already is in his head. There is nothing but vanity left in this goal machine, and as long as he is fine with that role than he will be alright. But if he ever wants to really be a leader, a friend, a good team mate, he will have to find a place for something else in his heart than himself. I simply don’t see that happening, but then again, I am sure he will be happy making 2 million euros a month as well.

Late breaking addition: So in the process of getting this article published, Ronaldo has released statements clarifying his meaning through the now universal way of making all major announcements, Twitter. (Which again resembles a teenage girl screaming at her parents and then taking to facebook and twitter to bash them in a subtle way, like “I have the best parents in the world!!”) However, apparently it is not about the money, he is just sad. But it will not affect his football. I think he realizes that people actually are not just jealous of him like he proclaimed in the past, but they actually do not like him. They do not like him, and what is even worse, they now celebrate his un-happiness. When he didn’t win the UEFA Best Player in Europe award, the look on his face was priceless. He was furious…so much so that others in attendance actually were smiling and giggling at his anger. So for a pampered athlete like Ronaldo, disliking him is fine, jealously is expected, but jubilation at your anger and sadness, that is too much. Ronaldo has clearly lost the Madrid dressing room, and the two senior most players (both of whom happened to be Spanish and certainly could not have been happy with C-Ro’s reaction to Iniesta winning the award) at Madrid are most likely making his life difficult.

However, this all comes back to one simple thing, that as much as Ronaldo wants to be loved and his handlers attempt to coach him on the right things to say and do, he’s still a prima donna Terrell Owens type dick head to all.

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