Et tu Shuttlesworth.. Et Tu..

Et tu Shuttlesworth.. Et Tu..

The city of Boston is in an uproar. One of “their” own has just betrayed them. Ray Allen, the final piece of The Big Three when it was assembled has left for warmer, prettier…beaches. Allen turned down a two year 12 million dollar offer from the Celtics to take less money (3 years at a little over 3 million per year) to take his talents to South Beach. The Bostonians are outraged. They are likening it to the Biblical tale when Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve apostles, took thirty pieces of silver to deliver his master to the authorities to be executed. I guess if you factor in inflation it could come out to 3 million per ten pieces? The story of Judas then goes on to say he has a change of heart and depending on which version you put stock in, he either committed suicide by hanging or was persecuted by the apostles and stoned to death. Now I don’t see the first scenario as a possibility, but the second, yes. Well, not stoning but I could see the disciples of Red throwing beers on him when he returns to the Garden. The Celtics fans have it all wrong though. He’s not a Judas Iscariot; he didn’t sell out the franchise for money. He should be called a Benedict Arnold if anything.

Benedict Arnold was an infamous general in the American Continental Army. He was passed over for promotion even though he committed many great and heroic acts, like commanding the Continental troops in the famous capture of Fort Ticonderoga. He saw the effects his work was had but he was not being rewarded when others were getting promotions. He was stuck. We can draw the parallel between Benedict (Allen) and other generals (Rajon Rondo). Allen was more important than Rondo when the Celtics won the NBA Championship in 2008. However, as the years went by Allen was always overshadowed by the favorite Celtic, Pierce, the loud and boisterous Garnett, and was now being overshadowed by the point guard. Rondo received the huge contract extension, Allen did not.

Allen was always referred to by teammates as a locker room lawyer. He grew up in a strict military family and his whole life has been about discipline. That famous jumper, as he says in the commercial, is about shooting it the same every time. He is a machine. Rondo isn’t so much. He rubs people the wrong way, he is abrasive. He’s not afraid to yell at Doc Rivers. He doesn’t worry about stepping on toes. Allen is the opposite of that. They were bound to clash.

So when the Celtics clearly took the side of Rondo, Allen was ready to jump ship down to Biscayne Bay. Can you really blame him? Wouldn’t we all leave a company that we felt was passing us by in favor of the guy in the next office who we can’t stand? Having your new job in the sexiest city in America doesn’t hurt. He’s a perfect fit with his new running mates. He has put aside his ego once before for a ring. He wants another desperately. If he was after money he would have stayed in Boston. Throw in the absence of a state income tax in Florida and it does make the deal a little bigger. I admit that. The best chance for a ring does as well.

So now Boston fans, realize that his successor, Jason Terry, is actually a better player at this stage in his career than Allen is at this stage in his career. This is going to be an upgrade. Ray Allen is statistically coming off one of his best years. However he missed a good deal of time when he went out with an ankle injury. He looks brittle and stiff. Boston fans, however, fail miserably in remembering how they got Ray Allen from Seattle. I seem to remember how the Sonics were set to start rebuilding and Ray Allen was too expensive and even at that time getting up there in age. He was traded, but he had no intentions of staying there. Yes, Seattle got the best deal they could out of the trade. So did Ray Allen. He helped a collection of superstars win a ring. He did that in his first season there. Celtic fans, you should be THANKING him for resuscitating your franchise after being stuck in the doldrums for years. He gave your franchise four great years. He set the all time Three Point Field Goals Made record in your uniform. He did a lot for your franchise. Now, he’s doing what your team did to Seattle.

“Et tu, Brute?” no, that would never come to their minds.

So cue up Fitz, Tommy and Mickey at the pub. I can hear them now in that atrocious Boston accent – “Ray Allen is a soft bum.”

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