NFL Mock Draft Version 2.0

NFL Mock Draft Version 2.0

Buyer Beware: When was the last time that two quarterbacks went 1st and 2nd overall?  1998; Manning and Leaf.  We’re already comparing Manning to Luck, is Griffin the next Leaf?  Before that it was 1993, with Drew Bledsoe and Rick Mirer.  The only time it happened before that in the Super Bowl era was 1971 with Jim Plunkett and Archie Manning going one and two respectively.  Plunkett must have been Eli Manning’s idol winning two super bowls, but generally sucking the rest of his career, while Archie was Peyton’s.  However, with all this hype around RG3 going number two overall, it’s necessary to put it in perspective.  Oh Yeah, Joe Montana was a 3rd round pick.

Revised Top 10:

Colts: Andrew Luck -QB Stanford

No change here

Browns (trade from Rams): Robert Griffin III -QB Baylor

It’s between the Browns and Redskins to trade up; the Browns have more to trade, while the Redskins are willing to trade more.  This should be interesting.  I hope that he goes to Cleveland, because he’ll be out of the league in four years if he goes to the Skins.

Vikings: Matt Kalil -OT USC

Matt cemented his spot at number three with a phenomenal athletic showing at the combine.  He is a franchise caliber Tackle that the Viqueens can’t overlook.

Rams (trade from Browns): Justin Blackmon -WR OK State

I think this is the most volatile position right now.  The Rams know that the Redskins and Dolphins will be eying Ryan Tannehill and a Ram Double Down is not unlikely.  The only reason I say it that doesn’t happen is because the Fins will get either Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning in free agency.  This would make it unnecessary for another trade to occur.

Buccaneers: Moris Claiborne -CB LSU

The Bucs want Blackmon to give Freeman a weapon and if the Skins or Fins trade up for Tannehill, Blackmon is coming off the board only one pick later.  If not, it’s going to be the best DB prospect in the field.

Redskins: Ryan Tannehill -QB Texas A&M

Mike Sherman coached him and compared him to Brett Favre (who was a second round pick by the way), but Mike Shanahanigans is going to draft him.  The Grossman-Beck experiment was a disaster even though he’s not worth a top 10 pick.  This one is a far reach for a player that I initially had going early second round.

Jaguars: Melvin Ingram -DE South Carolina

The choice here is between a franchise tackle in Reily Reiff or the best defensive player in the draft.  Talent over need has to be chosen here in order to get a dominant football player.

Dolphins: Riley Reiff -OT Iowa

No change here.  The Dolphins need a bookend tackle to protect Manning/Flynn.

Panthers: Dontari Poe -DT Memphis

Poe’s stock rose dramatically with one of the most impressive combine performances of the week.  Poe will be a Kris Jenkins-type presence in the middle and can make everyone around him better.

Bills: Quinton Coples -DE UNC

This is a tough one, because the Bills are going to be looking at a deep well of pass rushers in Coples, Whitney Mercilus, Courtney Upshaw, Zach Brown, and Nick Perry.  They can all legitimately go here, but it’s Coples versatility between the 3-4 and 4-3 that will get him drafted here.

Middle Third of the draft

Chiefs: Trent Richardson -RB Alabama

Every year someone with blue chip talent slides out of the top 10 and with the decline of the RB position, it will be Richardson.  The Chiefs don’t know if Charles will be back and Trent is just too good to pass up with the 11th pick

Seahawks: Zach Brown – OLB UNC

I like Nick Perry, but athletically Zach Brown is a freak and his speed coming off the edge is enough to make the Seahawks take him at 12.

Cardinals: Jonathan Martin -OT Stanford

Protected Andrew Luck, now he’ll be protecting Kevin Kolb or Red Skelton with an o-line that sorely needs the help.

Cowboys: Dre Kirkpatrick -CB Alabama

When I first mocked the draft I had the Cowboys reaching for Janoris Jenkins, because of their need in the defensive backfield and their history of taking a shot on character risks.  However, I think Dre falls in the draft, not because of anything he did, but because of how much defensive talent emerged in the combine.  Tannehill is sneaking into the top 10.

Eagles: Luke Keuchly -ILB Boston

This is a no-brainer, Keuchly is the best MLB in the draft and it is the Eagle’s worst position by far.  No seriously, the Eagle’s line-backing corps is positively atrocious and Luke will start on day one.

Jets: Courtney Upshaw -OLB Alabama;

Upshaw is a violent football player.  While he did not tear the roof off at the combine, his game tape and style will mold perfectly with Rex Ryan’s 3-4 blitzing defense.  I would like to see either Lamar Miller or David Wilson here, however I think the Jets can address that need in the later rounds.

Bengals: David DeCastro -OG Stanford

The Bengals need to rebuild the running game and this is a talented pulling guard who can really be a force in the NFL. People are sleeping on this kid, because he did not wow at the combine. Yet before the combine he was projected as the 11th best player available in the draft.

Chargers: Cordy Glenn -OL Georgia

The Chargers just lost 40% of their starting offensive line to injuries.  Dielman is retiring due to his concussion and McNeill could end up cut, so the Chargers are getting a guy who can play both guard and tackle positions.

Bears: Michael Floyd -WR Notre Dame

The glaring need for the Bears is a legitimate receiver.  Roy Williams is a joke; Devin Hester is a speed receiver and where has Johnny Knox been?  Jay Cutler pulls a chubby when the Bears take the second best receiver in the draft.

Titans: Whitney Mercilus -DE Illinois

The defense was second worst in sacks and 24th in run defense.  The Titans take the best available pass rusher on the board.

Bengals: David Wilson -RB Virginia Tech;

Cedric Benson’s time is up and the Bengals are already talking about a committee approach with back-ups. Unfortunately, none of them are bellcows.  David Wilson or Lamar Miller could go here, but Wilson is the most ready to start on day one.

I’ll be coming out with my final mock draft.  This will project through the entire first round, after the majority of the free agent period is over to account for team needs already being filled.

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