NBA Lockout is Over!!!

NBA Lockout is Over!!!

Just like that, they made a deal. After it looked like the owners had forced the players into a corner with no way out, they came to a resolution. All of the nasty legal wrangles were avoided, and “thanks” was certainly given. The best part is that the NBA does not miss their marquee TV event, which is the Christmas Day basketball line-up. Eventually I think it came down to the fact that the players and the owners realized that NO ONE really missed the NBA. I’m sure this came as quite the shocking wake up call. These guys were so self-involved that they believed, like the NFL strike, that the lockout would be the focus of Sportscenter and recieve constant media attention. Instead they were recruited to play in traveling circus games across the U.S., like the Harlem Globetrotters, and even exiled to wonderful places like Turkey and Russia to play in high school gym-sized arenas. In reality, they somewhat faded into obsurcity. Either way, we are all happy the NBA is back, but I for one can honestly say that I have not missed it.

For the details of the new labor deal check out this article on ESPN.  

Here is some humorous insight published just days ago, when the season looked in jeopardy, from Bill Simmons  

As always “The Sports Guy” manages to use a fantastic movie metaphor to describe the then problems between the players and the owners.


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