Fans Eye Five — Second week in November

Fans Eye Five — Second week in November

1. Tebow Time:

Is there a more polarizing player in sports than Tim Tebow? The guy wins games, no matter how ugly they are, and people still bash him as if he just stole something from them. And then on the other side are those fans who are so blind to any negativity surrounding him that they get downright angry if something utters something as bad as that he had a bad hair day. I’ve never seen one player bring out such extremes in a fanbase, and whose opinions they will stick with until the very end, with no chance of even swaying them toward the middle ground, which is where I reside on Tebow. My thoughts (and hopefully this won’t solicit an avalanche of hate from either camp) is that he was an outstanding college player, and has the potential to be a middle-of-the-road NFL quarterback. There are some skills there, but I honestly don’t think he’ll ever be able to carry a team long-term at the position. But it is hard to deny that the kid knows how to win, at least so far.

2. They Are Who We Thought They Were:

Unfortunately, this describes the Panthers right now. I’m not trying to be another downer fan, whining about the team, I’m just saying that I had expectations of this team to be competitive, exciting and frustrating this season. I thought they’d make life difficult for some teams, win games they weren’t supposed to win, but also lose games they had control of. They are young and¬†inexperienced. Thanks to a rash of injuries, they are missing some key players and having others play out of position (I’m looking at you special teams). The game against the Lions seems to me to be a summary of the year so far. Carolina looked great in the first half, jumping out to a big lead and exciting fans everywhere (I was following along in Louisville), but the second half was a different story, when the talent and experience of the Lions took over and Carolina started making mistakes and saw their lead evaporate.

3. BCS Madness:

There isn’t much to say after this past weekend, other than hopefully this is another step in revamping the current system and moving closer to a playoff. It was baffling to watch so many top teams go down to underdog opponents this week, and now we are left with three teams from the SEC West sitting atop the standings, with only a few games remaining. I think the scenario (which is very possible) that would make all BCS-lovers cringe is if Alabama beats Auburn and LSU beats Arkansas, giving LSU the West division crown and having them play in the SEC Championship game as the runaway No. 1 team. In that instance, ‘Bama will be sitting comfortably at No. 2 with no remaining chances to lose and an almost nonexistent¬†chance of being passed by a non-SEC team. And unless Georgia pulls the upset in the SEC title game – and even if they do, I don’t know if LSU will drop out of the top two – we will be left with an LSU vs. Alabama national championship game, possibly giving us two teams that didn’t even win the SEC, and in the Crimson Tide’s case, finishing out of the top spot in their own division. Wow.

4. Baseball realignment:

This past week, the MLB approved the sale of the Houston Astros, and officially announced the team would be moving from the National League to the American League, taking place as soon as 2013. The new alignment gives each league 15 teams, which means that there will be interleague series taking place all season long, instead of at designated times. I know it seems strange to be “old-time” about a concept as new as interleague play, but I personally feel it’s best suited for those times during the year when everyone is doing it, and it can be a special section of the schedule. Now, with teams crossing over all year long, it seems to me that it’s only a matter of time before the whole concept of only playing teams in your league (or at least playing them the majority of your schedule) is a thing of the past. Personally, that is one of my favorite things about baseball – the concept of AL vs NL and the two leagues being relatively separate until the World Series. It’s something that no other league has, and hopefully MLB will keep that in mind as more changes come about in the upcoming years.

5. NBA Lockout:

Oops: Remember when I saw a few weeks ago that the NBA was closer to a deal than many people thought? Well, I don’t think I could’ve been more wrong. As of right now, the league has cancelled games until Dec. 15, and any hope of saving the season is quickly going out the door. Both sides have tried to turn this into a battle of public opinion, and failed miserably. Fans are leaving in droves, and those who were on the fence before are bashing the situation as a rich-against-richer battle for billions of dollars, while those whose livelihoods depend on games being played are long forgotten in the minds of those negotiating. There is a lot of finger-pointing going on between both the players and the owners, and they are so far apart and so mad at the other that my hopes are shrinking that we’ll see any NBA action this year.

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