I want to be Oscar Robertson… by Jabari Parker

I want to be Oscar Robertson… by Jabari Parker

“I want to be the first player since the big O to average a triple double in a season….”

Now whether Jabari Parker ever really said that, is debatable, but the talent is not. The 6 foot 8 junior is that good. Even though he is only a junior in high school right now, he already has a solid over all game. Just read the ESPN scouting report on the kid…


Jabari is a multi-skilled small forward. He can do a little of everything on the court. Parker is a good scorer that can post up a smaller opponents or go to the wing and score. He is an excellent ball handler for his size and is a good slasher to the basket. He uses his strong body to finish inside. Parker is a good shooter with range to 20 feet as well. He has a big body similar to former Chicago great Mark Aguirre. Parker has lost weight (April 2011) which has made him much more explosive and made him a much better perimeter defender. His ability to pass on the break and when he draws a second defender is amazing. He passes are on time and on target with most of his deliveries turning into baskets. Parker is also excellent at rebounding and leading the break. Parker has continued to rapidly improve an already high level game.


Defensively he is solid but can struggle in space versus quicker opponents. Parker can handle the ball very well for his size but must tighten it up his handle when he is under intense ball pressure. Parker competes and works to deny the ball on defense in the post although he is not strong enough yet to hold his position. He also needs to add strength to finish more consistently and defend taller and more physical players. Parker’s outside shot could be more consistent as well. He could also increase his lateral quickness in order to more effectively defend quicker perimeter players

Bottom Line:

Parker plays with energy and urgency and seems to take the game very serious. It will be fun to follow Parker’s progress because he has the tools to be an special player. He is versatile on the offensive end, with the ability to make plays from the wing, low block and high post. Parker has off the charts upside.

I think it is that last line that makes me the most excited… “Off the charts upside” When someone is already that skilled and talented, and still has that kind of potential, it scares me… in a good way. Add to the fact that he hails from Chicago, which just adds to the cool factor, I can honestly see the next Carmelo, or even dare I say it, a LeBron with the attitude to make himself better??????? Only time will tell… But here is a story for his mother, he does not want to just be good, or even solid he wants to be something more…

When Jabari was in fifth grade he came home from a tournament and he said, ‘I want to ask something from the whole family.’ He said, ‘I want to take the word ‘good’ out of the vocabulary of the house.’ He said he never wanted us to say he had a ‘good’ game or whatever. So we took out that word after fifth grade.”


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