Eden Hazard…. Game to back up the Name

Eden Hazard…. Game to back up the Name

When you name your kid Eden Hazard, you have to be thinking that he will either one day become a famous movie star, an amazing athlete, or something else. Because you gave him such a bad ass name.. Here at Speak-Easy, we play a little footie game called Football Manager, which for who do not know is a soccer manager simulation. You buy and sell players, work on training schedules, balance budgets, talk to the press, and do everything a normal manager would do, except actually play the games (you get to watch them, make subs, tactical changes, and what not). In this game they have spent literally millions of man hours scouting and researching every current professional player in the game today, and their are few better players then Eden in the game…

Even without that fact that he has taken my squad to back to back premier league titles, the kid is good. Really Good. He just won the Ligue 1 Player of the year and led Lille to a league and French cup double. Ohh, did I mention that he was born in 1991. At only 5’7″ he is not the biggest player on the pitch, but he is fearless. He has break-neck pace, amazing ball control, and outstanding creativity. It is no wonder that all the world’s biggest clubs are eager to sign the young Belgian. However it is not unexpected, he comes from great stock. Both his mother and father were professional footballers, and they never lived more than 3 meters from a pitch as he says. I for one am hoping that Arsenal will open their check books and bring the immensely talented youngster to North London where he would thrive in their style of play. Not to mention that a midfield of combo of Wilshire and Hazard would be just about unstoppable for the foreseeable future.

Check him out in Action….

Just clowning people..

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