105 mph fastball, 600 foot home runs, 5 tool players.. The Future of Baseball

105 mph fastball, 600 foot home runs, 5 tool players.. The Future of Baseball

While trying to find just one player who could be the next great superstar in the MLB, I came across a plethora of talented youngsters. And with opening day behind us, its time to look to the future. So I have picked out five possible stars, two you have probably heard about, and three you might not have.

The Headliners…

Bryce Harper — Outfielder — Washington Nationals

If you have not seen the number one overall pick in last year’s draft mash 600 foot home runs in JC ball or other impressive feats, than you have been living under a rock. The kid can absolutely crush the ball. But what you will not see is that to go with his impressive skills, he also has a tremendous work ethic. In his first season in professional ball he played with the “taxi squad” (which means he could only play twice a week) he worked tireless in the off time constantly taking extra BP and working on becoming an complete defensive outfielder. Harper could be that special player that not only has the incredible physical gifts, but also the competitive drive not to rest on his laurels and actually fulfill his immense talent


Aroldis Chapman — Pitcher — Cincinnati Reds

There is something the stuff of myth here, the defector steps off the boat out of no where, walks to the mound and fires off a 100 mph plus fastball. Wait, that was Brandon Frasier in the terrible Al Brooks movie, The Scout. But the story is not far off, Chapman has wowed everyone since the day he defected in Amsterdam. Prompting a biding war for his services in which the Reds won. Since then the Reds have taken a smart approach to Chapman, slowly working him into a minor league rotation, and grooming him to be a future number one. The opportunity might have come this season to join the rotation, but the loss of arms in the bullpen has facilitated his need in middle relief much like last season were on one occasion he went three innings, never dipping his velocity below 100 and hitting 105.1. Lets hope his development is not hampered by an idiot manager or tragic surgery, because who does not love to see someone throw straight gas.. and no one in modern day has thrown it like Aroldis.

The Not-so-Knowns…

Jesus Montero — Catcher — New York Yankees

Just what Yankee fans need, a Jesus as there savior… Montero has been thought to be the apparent successor to Jorge Pasado for a while now, however there is just one problem, he is not a true catcher. Montero, has been crushing the ball in the minors for the past two years and there is no question that his bat is beyond Major League ready, but he is still not there defensively. However when he puts it all together he will rival Joe Mauer as the best hitting catcher in the MLB. Super, just want the Yanks need, another great bat.

Jameson Taillon — Pitcher — Pittsburgh Pirates

He might be quietly as hyped as there is a pitching prospect around. The six foot six Taillon, has a mid to upper 90 mph fast ball, and has already developed two quality secondary pitches, that you rarely see from some one that has such an over-powering fastball. At only 19, he has a bright future a head of him, however it will remain to be seen if the 19 year old can handle the 6.5 million dollar signing bonus that was handed to him.

Brandon Belt — Outfielder — San Francisco Giants

His opening day might have ended with an out that put an end to a Giants rally, but outfielder Brandon Belt, held his own. Belt is considered to be the future of the Giants offense, last season in the minors, he was ridiculous.. he hit .352 with 23 home runs and 112 RBIs in 136 games and topped that with 93 walks, a .455 on-base percentage and a .620 slugging percentage. He has remarkable plate discipline for someone so young, and continues to improve. It remains to be seen how a 6-5 220 lefty could fall to the fifth round of the draft and be starting for the World Series champs two years later. If the first four game are any indication of what is to come, the giants are hoping for big things out of young Belt. Who also come equipped with a prefect name for a slugger, Belt.

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