Jadeveon Clowney… A future terror on the edge..

Jadeveon Clowney… A future terror on the edge..

This past week, we finally found someone that can stop Jadeveon Clowney or JD as he is known by, the Columbia Police. Making headlines for the wrong reasons this past week is something that is new to Clowney, usually he is on the end of a stream of superlatives and praise from the media. Which after looking at his stats and watching him play you can easily see why. For the first time in recent memory Clowney was the consensus number one player in the high school class with every recruiting site out there. Standing at 6-6 and around 250 right now, Clowney is as explosive as they come. His senior year stats read like playstation numbers, 29.5 sacks, 29 tackles for loss and 11 forced fumbles, he also scored another 9 touchdowns on offense as well. He has been called the most impressive high school player one scout has ever seen in person. ESPN’s national director of recruiting Tom Luginbill said that Clowney is the best defensive line prospect since Mario Williams, and all he did was go number one overall.

But you set aside all the measurables and the recruiting hyperbole on this kid, and two things stand out the most to me. One, he was the number one player all year, had a huge target on his back every game and was under great pressure, and all he did was take his team to a state championship and put up huge numbers all the way. This shows me that this kid can handle the pressure of the spotlight and it does not phase him, it tells me that he will be able to step in right away and make plays as a freshman. And the second thing is that he makes plays that only those really special players make, the ones that make you say “whoa..” that kid is something special.

Either way I am excited to watch Clowney play in the SEC, where I seriously have no doubt that this kid will be a star. He just has that special ability that very few players have and he also has the motor and work ethic that few other hugely talented defensive ends have (cough.. cough… peppers.. cough.. ).

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